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Different crops such as corn, turnips, peas, clover, milo, and alfalfa are a good source of protein and fiber for deer. Deer tend to go to places where they can find them and lure the deer, you can either hunt in the area that already has one of these varieties or use these as bait to lure the deer at your hunting spot. You can plant these in your hunting zone to lure more deer.


Written by Jill Owens
5 months ago

Deer Scent

Deer can smell 500-1000 times better than humans. Deer may not know you are near, but as soon as the wind starts blowing their way, they smell you and run away. Every hunter has been there!

To avoid this especially on a windy day, to mask the human smell and attract the deer, use rutting buck scent or liquid doe urine. This gives them a sense of territory because they think a deer has been here recently or the place is visited by deer and is safe.

Deer Scent

Written by Martha Patel
7 months ago

Deer Attractant

The liquid deer bait available in the market is very effective for attracting deer. Depending on your state laws for hunting, you can use them to create a pile of deer bait and hunt. Hunting using deer baits is easier as deer are feeding and not moving. Placing your bait between a deer’s feeding and bedded area can make a lot of difference when picking the right spot. Wind can also help spread the smell across.

Written by Lois Murphy
9 months ago

Deer Minerals

Deer consume certain minerals from sand that are good for their overall health. Adding minerals that deer crave to soil creates hunting opportunities. Some leached mineral sites are therefore best-hunting stations. Minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are the most liked. Deer also crave sodium during the spring and summer season. They require these minerals for a good immune system, milk production, bone growth, and antler growth. 

Written by Janelle Hampton
12 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Lure Deer?

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