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Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration causes the body to signal the oil glands of your skin to increase oil production. It makes the skin appear dull and promotes redness and inflammation.

Ideally, you should have eight glasses (8-ounce each) of water daily to keep your body adequately hydrated. If you’re in a hot or humid environment, breastfeeding/pregnant, or exercising – drink even more water.

Add up mandatory expenses

When creating a budget as a couple, don’t forget to add your mandatory expenses. These expenses include housing, mortgage payment or rent, utilities, car payments, gasoline, student or other loan payments, credit card payments, and food. Some people think that food comes after all the bills are paid. But it is better to determine beforehand how much you want to spend on food as well. Food and grocery should be a part of the budget as well. 


Just post a cool picture of your shoes on your Instagram page. If you have plenty of followers, you might sell them off fairly quickly. If you don’t have a lot of followers, ask a friend who does if he or she will share your post on their feed.

As a last resort, you might also want to consider becoming that super annoying guy who looks up Instagram pages of famous shoe brands and tries to sell shoes in the comments section.

When you finally have a buyer, you can ask for payment via whatever method works for you: PayPal, cash, Google Pay, etc.


Take prescription medicines

So far, we have two clinically approved drug for hair loss prevention- minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil works by increasing blood flow. This takes the necessary nutrients up to the hair follicles. On the other hand, finasteride inhibits the DHT hormones which shrink the hair follicles.

 Both treatments are great to prevent hair loss and to grow new hair, however, they have side effects. For instance, finasteride decreases libido and causes erectile dysfunction in 1 in 30 men. Minoxidil, on the other hand, causes allergic reactions and allergies in some men. 

Filter the water

Use the right multimedia filters to get rid of the unwanted compounds of water. Filtration consists of different physical and chemical processes to purify water. This method is effective as it eliminates both, small and large unwanted compounds in the water. Besides, it also removes dangerous contaminants way quickly as compared to chlorination.

Many people, including me, prefer filtration over the purification process because it does not deplete or remove all the salts and minerals present in the water. This is the reason why this method is considered healthier.

Solar Energy at Home

If you're looking to figure out the best way to produce electricity at home, then the answer would be solar energy. It's a great alternative to regular electricity, and after the initial payment of equipment purchase and installation, you're barely going to be spending anything on electricity. As a matter of fact, you could even earn some money for the surplus electricity your solar panels produce. If your house is hooked up to the grid, your panels will redirect excess electricity back to government power grids, which the government will return in the form of a tax credit amount.

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