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Go with an win-win attitude

Good negotiation means making a deal that is beneficial to both parties. When you always aim for win-win deals, your reputation and respect improve. People are more likely to work with you in the future as they know that they will not be exploited in any way.

Go with an win-win attitude

Regular Sex

Having frequent sex throughout the month is good for having a baby. Every day or two is a good amount, based on research and opinion from the Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

You could aspire to have sex every day of your cycle, but this will lead to exhaustion and is not really necessary for most people. Having sex at least three to four times a week increases your chances of success by increasing sex on the most fertile days. If you're only targeting ovulation and you make a mistake, you can lose that month. Healthier swimmers mean you are more likely to conceive.


Stalking is one of the best techniques used by professional hunters to hunt. If you see a deer from a distance who is casually moving, feeding, or sitting in their grass bed, stalk the deer. Get closer to the deer slowly without getting seen. The goal is to get within the hunting range where you can securely the target and shoot when the deer is not running. Wait for the right opportunity and be very slow when chasing the target. It might take some time to master this method of hunting but once you get a hang of it, hunting will be much more focused and fun.  


Listen to the other party

One of the best ways to negotiate successfully is by listening to the other party and drawing out information from them. The adage that 2/3rd should be spent on listening and 1/3rd on speaking is good advice to follow.

Listen to the other party

Listen to Them

The most you can do for your depressed friend is lend them your ear. Empathize with them and acknowledge the fact that things have been difficult for them lately. If they are hesitant to discuss it, politely ask them if they would like to share it. Don’t ignore them, if you have to take a call or do something quickly, ask their permission, and get back. They might talk too much when they start. Listen to them and seem interested if they go on. Validate their feelings by showing sympathy, and care for them.

Listen to Them

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