Best Ways to Help someone with depression


Listen to Them

The most you can do for your depressed friend is lend them your ear. Empathize with them and acknowledge the fact that things have been difficult for them lately. If they are hesitant to discuss it, politely ask them if they would like to share it. Don’t ignore them, if you have to take a call or do something quickly, ask their permission, and get back. They might talk too much when they start. Listen to them and seem interested if they go on. Validate their feelings by showing sympathy, and care for them.

Listen to Them

Written by Penny Moss
7 months ago

Don’t Give Advice

It is very hard to take advice from someone when you are suffering from an episode of depression and your thoughts are out of control. Depressed people might not be ready to take any kind of advice when they are suffering. When they are feeling better, they might want to know; what they should eat, wear or do to stop it.

Advise them only when they are in a good mood and allow you to give advice. If they don’t like it or turn you down, don’t argue with them. 

Written by Danielle Smith
2 years ago

Don’t Compare them With Anyone

When someone is depressed, they are already experiencing a lot of unwanted emotions. Comparing them with someone will only make them feel worse about themselves. Even if you compare them with a friend who got out of depression quickly. Such thoughts will challenge them and make them think they are not good enough or worth anything in life. 

Written by Monica Banks
9 months ago

Support Them

Therapy is very important for a person if they are suffering from depression. Give them compliments, if they look happier or better after a few sessions. Appreciate them when they appear to be doing better. A little support and appreciation can go a long way when someone is recovering from depression.

If you catch them canceling their appointment because they have to get a friend from the airport or because they have to get groceries. Offer to do it for them or do it with them. Make them attend the therapy sessions. Drive them to the therapist’s office if they don’t feel like getting out of the house. Provide emotional support and be there when they need you.

Written by Rudy Pierce
1 year ago

Have Patience

Depression cannot go away in a day or two. It is a serious problem and it may take longer than you imagine. Depression can stay with people for years even when they are constantly on medications and undergoing therapy.

Give the person time to heal. Don’t judge them or blame them at all. They might spend a really good day with you and feel depressed the next day. This is because depression has very deep roots and even when it goes away, they may feel depressed from time to time.

Written by Leo Lara
3 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Help Someone with Depression?

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