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Make the House Energy-Efficient

Who would not want a house that is insulated against heat and cold or is solar-powered? If you can make the house energy efficient by installing solar panels that make up for the entire electricity consumption or even install a solar-powered water heating system, your house will have a competitive edge. You might have to spend a few hundred to thousands of dollars on such projects but you will be able to recover the amount along with a substantial profit when you will sell the house.

On the stove

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a rice cooker to make perfect rice. You can make wonderfully fluffy rice on the stove with just a little bit of practice.

First, wash the rice. Start by measuring out your rice. Then dump that into the pot you're cooking with. Run some cold water into the pot, swishing and agitating the rice with your free hand, until the water level rises to just slightly higher than the rice. Gently dump the water out and repeat the process until the rice is thoroughly washed and the water runs clear. Depending on your rice, this should take about five tries.

Then, add cold water to your rice according to the proportions listed on the rice bag. 2:1 is the general rule of thumb, but it varies depending on the different kinds of rice. Hold off a little bit of the water, accounting for the water that stayed behind while you were washing the rice.

Place the pot onto the stove, and turn the heat onto medium-high. Let sit until the water just starts to boil. Put a lid on the pot to trap the steam, then turn the heat down to low. Let cook according to package directions, or about ~2o minutes. Set a timer for this. It is important to be as precise as possible, as you should not remove the lid of the rice until it is fully cooked. This will cause steam to escape and prevent proper cooking.

Once the rice is done cooking, fluff it up with a fork or rice paddle and serve.

Change positions

When you're outside tanning, it can be very tempting to try and stay in one position as long as possible to optimize the amount of tan that you get. However, this can put your skin at risk of getting burned or worse. Instead, try changing positions in order to prevent sunburn and damage from prolonged exposure. Don't worry, it will not affect your tan in the slightest. In fact, it's an added form of protection against sun damage.

Ask your network for help

Add the people who are in your dream company to your network. Once, you are friends, you can ask them to facilitate you for an interview. LinkedIn is a great platform for digital networking and has helped people connect to engage in professional networks.

Use SmartBar

You can combine several features in a centralized manner easily. Rather than clicking through to find the app you need to perform the task on your phone, you can simply access it in a click or two with SmartBar. With this tool set up on your home screen, you can organize the applications the way you want.

Swim with your dog

A lot of dogs like retrievers are natural swimmers and love some swim time every once in a while. It’s also ideal for dogs who have mobility issues like arthritis. Swimming, being a non-weight bearing exercise, is an excellent way for your dog to build some muscle mass.

If you don’t have a backyard pool, see if you can take your canine buddy swimming to a public pool or a lake. Swimming can become an exciting way to spend your weekend with your dog in the pool. However, If your dog is not a natural swimmer, be sure to take it slow.

Jump a Rope

When you are building stamina for running faster, jumping a rope can help you increase the leg movement and control breathing. Take in as much oxygen as possible while jumping a rope and synchronize the hand and feet movements.

Boxers skip rope because it helps them develop good foot movement for fighting. You can also benefit from jumping rope to develop the footwork you would need for running faster.

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