Best Ways to Network on linkedin


Stay active on LinkedIn

It’s pretty obvious. When you’re active and the platform and post often, you’ll likely receive some likes and comments on your posts. This way, all connections of people who liked or commented might be able to look at your original post in their LinkedIn feed. 

If those people have something in common with you, they might be interested in connecting.

Written by Louis Allen
8 months ago

Share your insights and stories by posting

Sharing your post is a great way of increasing engagement on your profile. You can share your thoughts on the latest invention in your industry. Share your learnings from your job and ask your friends and followers about theirs. You can also run a poll to get insights from your network and use that to start up a conversation.

Share your insights and stories by posting

Written by Rosie Bishop
2 weeks ago

Send personalized connection requests

When you click on the connect button from the “people you may know” list, you’ll end up with a bunch of other people who did just that. Instead, head over to the person’s profile and use the connect button on their profile. This will pull up a text box where you can add a personalized note along with the connection request.

Send personalized connection requests

Say something like, “I have been reading your posts on LinkedIn and find your work quite interesting. I appreciate your thought process and would love to connect.”

Rather than getting lost in the crowd, a personalized note gives you a chance to stand out. Make its best use.

Written by Betsy Davidson
3 years ago

Ask your network for help

Add the people who are in your dream company to your network. Once, you are friends, you can ask them to facilitate you for an interview. LinkedIn is a great platform for digital networking and has helped people connect to engage in professional networks.

Written by Royce Benson
1 year ago

Reconnect with lost contacts

You might feel uncomfortable reaching out to people you have lost touch with or have not talked to for a long while. But, there is an easy way to break the ice. Send a message on LinkedIn by acknowledging the time gap with a brief like: "Hey, it's been a while since we last spoke, I hope you are staying in the light of the current circumstances." Making a habit of consistent communication is beneficial in the long run.

Written by Elizabeth Hudson
6 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Network on Linkedin?

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