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My fav stops going to North Saint Georges

Going from Deering to North Saint Georges I suggest stop by Jefferson Valley Mall for good shopping!


Jefferson Valley Mall
650 Lee Boulevard, Town of Yorktown, NY 10598
North Saint Georges
Michael N. Castle Trail, North Saint Georges, DE 19701:19733
The best route to North Saint Georges from Deering

These were my stops to De Soto from Scandinavia

If going from Scandinavia to De Soto stop by King Cone to fill up some energy.

King Cone
Baker Drive, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
De Soto
The best route to De Soto from Scandinavia

From Town of Long Lake to Derby

Driving from Town of Long Lake to Derby first of all stop at Big Slide Lookout West, it is a nice stop! Then look in on G.G.T Tibet Inn Pool. Next visit Udder Delight Cremmee for a cone of ice cream.

Town of Long Lake
NY 13436
Big Slide Lookout West
Yard Mountain Trail, Essex, NY
G.G.T Tibet Inn Pool
Shelburne Road, Shelburne, VT 05482
Udder Delight Cremmee
153 Main Street, Enosburg, VT 05450
The best route to Derby from Town of Long Lake

A nice way to Wareham from Village of Owego

When driving to Wareham from Village of Owego I suggest first visit Slide Mountain Inn for a pause. Lastly pay a visit to Big Sky Fitness for some training!

Village of Owego
NY 13827
Slide Mountain Inn
805 Oliverea Road, Town of Shandaken, NY 12410
Big Sky Fitness
Oakland Trail, Manchester, CT 06042
The best route to Wareham from Village of Owego

The best way from Ordway to Lander

If going from Ordway to Lander I suggest you hit Stand Firm CrossFit for a nice experience.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

CO 81064
Stand Firm CrossFit
695 West Agate Avenue, Granby, CO 80446
WY 82520
The best route to Lander from Ordway

A nicer trip from Delta to Olivia

Going from Delta to Olivia make sure to first of all pay a visit to Comfort Inn for a small treat. Then hit The Lodge for a bite!

That's all!

IA 52550
Comfort Inn
Nicholas Drive, Marshalltown, IA 50158
The Lodge
Oakmont South, Forest City, IA 50436
MN 56277
The best route to Olivia from Delta

These were my stops from Hermitage to Durant

If going to Durant from Hermitage I suggest you look in on Millers Crossing Swimming Pool for some swimming!

Highland Hills United Methodist Church
371 Glasgow Road, Bella Vista, AR 72715
Millers Crossing Swimming Pool
College Road, Warner, OK 74469
The best route to Durant from Hermitage

Let me suggest this!

If driving from Walthall to Fairhope a way would be to visit Bonita Lake Mall for great shopping.

MS 39771
Bonita Lake Mall
Bonita Lakes Circle, Meridian, MS
The best route to Fairhope from Walthall

A nicer route from Langworthy Corner to China

Going from Langworthy Corner to China I suggest you stop by Ashley's Collection for great shopping.

Langworthy Corner
RI 02891
Ashley's Collection
100 Macy Street, Amesbury, MA 01913
The best route to China from Langworthy Corner

A nice way to Manasquan

While driving to Manasquan from West Stockbridge I suggest you hit Children's Pool for a nice experience!

West Stockbridge
MA 01266
Children's Pool
60 Haines Road, Town of Bedford, NY 10507
The best route to Manasquan from West Stockbridge

My fav stops to Southern View from Newcastle

When driving to Southern View from Newcastle I suggest first stop by Horse Riding for some horses. After that visit Hy-Vee for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

Horse Riding
Bloodroot Trail, Dixon County, NE
1300 West Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556
Southern View
The best route to Southern View from Newcastle

A nice route to Trinidad

If going from Norman to Trinidad a way would be to first make a stop at Country Corner for a leg stretcher. Secondly hit Oak Tree Inn for some rest! Next stop by John Martin Reservoir State Park.

Country Corner
East Washington Avenue, Lenora, KS 67645
Oak Tree Inn
Main Street, Sharon Springs, KS 67758
John Martin Reservoir State Park
County Road 24, Hasty, CO 81044
CO 81082
The best route to Trinidad from Norman

Sleeping Bags

A pretty unique way to hide a bottle of alcohol is to tuck it in a sleeping bag and chuck it in the bottom of your suitcase. No security guy is going to go ruffling through your bag and unwrap your entire sleeping bag. There's a line behind you, too, and going through your possessions so thoroughly will just hold up the line behind you.

My stops going to Hoquiam

When driving to Hoquiam from Arlington this is my preferred way: first visit Gym for some exercising. After that stop by Dining Hall for something handy to eat! Then visit Royal Ridges Retreat. It's great!

2142 Forest Road 76, Lewis County, WA 98377
Dining Hall
2142 Forest Road 76, Lewis County, WA 98377
Royal Ridges Retreat
Northeast 354th Street, Amboy, WA 98675
WA 98550
The best route to Hoquiam from Arlington

These were my stops going to Rochester

Going from Osceola to Rochester a way would be to hit Elkhart Pool for swimming!

Elkhart Pool
Utility Drive, Auburn, IN 46706
The best route to Rochester from Osceola

The way to Plainville

Going from West Line to Plainville make sure to first of all stop by Maisie DeVore Community Swimming Pool. Next make a stop at Central Mall for great shopping!

Try it!

West Line
Maisie DeVore Community Swimming Pool
100 South Maple Street, Eskridge, KS 66423
Central Mall
Century Plaza Drive, Salina, KS 67401
The best route to Plainville from West Line

My stops from La Jara to Ruidoso

When going from La Jara to Ruidoso this is my suggestion.

La Jara
CO 81140
Goose Down Farms
Goose Downs Road, Los Marias, NM
NM 88345
The best route to Ruidoso from La Jara

A good way from LaMoure to Chandler

Driving from LaMoure to Chandler make sure to hit Prairie Lakes Caring Clubhouse for a night!

Better than going straight.

Prairie Lakes Caring Clubhouse
220 9th Avenue Northwest, Watertown, SD 57201
The best route to Chandler from LaMoure

Use leaf blowers

If you have a patio, small yard, driveways, and walkways, then leaf blowers are a good investment. Use a portable leaf blower to corral leaves in a pile. For medium size yards, use a walk-behind, gas-powered leaf blower.

Use leaf blowers

Put them on leashes

The best way to introduce two dogs would be to put them on leashes when they're meeting for the first time. This bounds both of them and lets them know that their owners are close by. Walk them and make sure you avoid any sort of obstacles like fences and gates. Once they start sniffing each other, that's a pretty good sign that they are starting to get accustomed and would welcome the idea of playing with each other.

Going to Chickamaw Beach with a stop for a coffee-break

If going to Chickamaw Beach from Blair I suggest first make a stop at Brew to have some snacks and something to drink. After that make a stop at McDonald's for a delicious meal! Next stop by Salon 227 & Firehouse Coffee Company for a cup or two!

Highway 20, Correctionville, IA 51016
7th Street, Windom, MN 56101
Salon 227 & Firehouse Coffee Company
202 Washburne Avenue, Paynesville, MN 56362
Chickamaw Beach
The best route to Chickamaw Beach from Blair

A nicer way from Vildo to Bowling Green

When driving to Bowling Green from Vildo I suggest first stop by Subway for a delicious meal! Then stop at Walmart Supercenter for some shopping. After that look in on First Presbyterian Church Manse, it is worth it!

West Church Street, Lexington, TN 38351
Walmart Supercenter
275 Thunder Road, Waverly, TN 37185
First Presbyterian Church Manse
305 Main Street, Clarksville, TN 37040
Bowling Green
KY 42101
The best route to Bowling Green from Vildo

The best way to Litchfield

If going from Berkshire to Litchfield I suggest first of all hit Yves DeLorme for good shopping. Next pay a visit to Lavinia's to grab a bite!

NY 13736
St Joseph's Catholic Church
201 Main Street, Worcester, NY 12197
Yves DeLorme
Main Street, Manchester, VT 05255
Lake Street, Center Harbor, NH 03226
ME 04350
The best route to Litchfield from Berkshire

These were my stops to Osmond from Butler

When going from Butler to Osmond first of all hit Snap Fitness. Then make a stop at Pizza Ranch for a some tasty food!

Snap Fitness
12 19th Street Northeast, Watertown, SD 57201
Pizza Ranch
120 Oaks Avenue, Hartford, SD 57033
The best route to Osmond from Butler

Use heat for soreness

After you’ve iced your neck for the pain, you can use heat to help your muscles relax. The heat helps loosen tight muscles and reduces stiffness that can cause further pain. You can apply heat directly to your neck with a heating pad. You can also use hot water to help with the soreness. Warm showers or baths can be very beneficial in relieving tension overall. Let the hot water hit your neck to feel some relief.

I suggest this!

Going from Oriskany to McClure I suggest first make a stop at Subway for a delicious meal. Lastly visit pond hill run. It's a nice stop!

5396 State Highway 12, Norwich, NY 13815
pond hill run
Glen Road, Wysox, PA 18854
The best route to McClure from Oriskany

From Grambling to O"Brien with some some exercising added

Last time I drove to O"Brien from Grambling this was my route.

LA 71245
Hawaiian Falls
Rustic Meadow, Mansfield, TX
Best Western
1801 South Highway 287, Decatur, TX 76234
TX 79539
The best route to O"Brien from Grambling

The best way from Charlotte to Hazard

When going to Hazard from Charlotte this is my preferred way: first of all hit Stage for picking up a few things! Then visit Spring Valley Sorghum Mill & Produce Market for shopping.

Rogers Road, Glasgow, KY 42141
Spring Valley Sorghum Mill & Produce Market
269 Strawberry Lane, Mount Aerial, KY 42164
The best route to Hazard from Charlotte

From Clinton to Greenville

While driving from Clinton to Greenville I suggest stop by Wendy's to have some snacks and something to drink.

WI 53525
580 West Layton Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53221
MI 48838
The best route to Greenville from Clinton

The best route to Myton

When going from Fairfield to Myton a way would be to first visit Sodalicious to fill up some energy. Next make a stop at Stan's Drive-In for a some food! Next hit Freedom Mini Mall for a leg stretcher.

602 E East 600 North, Provo, UT 84606
Stan's Drive-In
North 900 East, Provo, UT 84606
Freedom Mini Mall
612 N Freedom Boulevard, Provo, UT 84601
UT 84052
The best route to Myton from Fairfield

A nice trip from Berlin to Frankfort

If driving from Berlin to Frankfort this is my preferred way: visit Grace Buffet for a something tasty to eat!

Grace Buffet
North Loyalsock Avenue, Montoursville, PA 17754
The best route to Frankfort from Berlin


Shaving is one of the cheapest and convenient methods of removing your leg hair. It takes less than 10 minutes to shave both of your legs in the shower. Most women, including myself, prefer shaving as it covers large areas.

With the right technique (shaving against the hair growth) and tool (sharp razor), you can achieve smooth and hairless legs. However, shaving removes the hair above the skin. Therefore, your hair will grow back quickly. So, you will need to shave every 2 days. Shave

Isopropyl Alcohol

The simplest way to clean your vaporizer is with a chemical called isopropyl alcohol. You don't need to do much scrubbing with this alcohol. Just soak the device in alcohol, and the impurities will be removed pretty much automatically. There's no danger in soaking any of the components, and they can be put in the chemical overnight. In the morning, just rinse them with water and put them aside to dry.

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