Best Ways to Remove leg hair


Apply depilatory cream

Depilatory creams contain chemicals that break down the keratin bonds of the hair. Once the depilatory creams work their magic, you can easily rinse off the hair using a cloth or water.

Depilatory creams work above your skin’s surface; therefore, the hair will grow back after a week. It’s a little tricky to use depilatories on large areas, such as legs but once you learn to spread the cream evenly across your leg, you would be carefree for at least a week.

Some downsides of the depilatories are that they leave an unpleasant odor on your skin and are not suitable for sensitive skins, prone to allergies. 

Written by Ana Love
1 year ago

Wax your legs

Warm wax strips are one of the best ways to remove leg hair. The warm wax strips dilate your hair follicles. This ensures that the entire hair is removed from the root. As the waxing removed leg hair from the root, you won’t have to worry about your next session for at least a month. Moreover, you would have to grow a quarter inch of leg hair before you can wax again.

The biggest risk with waxing is catching a bacterial infection. But now, wax practitioners and beauticians use a new wax stick for each client and application. 

Written by Eric Henderson
10 months ago


Shaving is one of the cheapest and convenient methods of removing your leg hair. It takes less than 10 minutes to shave both of your legs in the shower. Most women, including myself, prefer shaving as it covers large areas.

With the right technique (shaving against the hair growth) and tool (sharp razor), you can achieve smooth and hairless legs. However, shaving removes the hair above the skin. Therefore, your hair will grow back quickly. So, you will need to shave every 2 days. Shave

Written by Stanley Riley
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Remove Leg Hair?

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