Best Ways to Spice up a relationship


Prioritize your partner and relationship

Everybody’s busy, but don’t let that hog away your partner’s share of your time. This makes your priorities very clear to your partner. If you were in their place, you’d probably resent this behavior too.

Always invest some time in your relationship. Go on dates, watch movies, or just lie around the house in your pajamas. When you spend more time with your partner, you’ll naturally notice a spark and rekindle the excitement in your relationship. 

Written by Deanna Fox
1 year ago

Try something new

When a relationship begins to lose its luster, it may be because you've settled into a comfortable, but predictable, rhythm. If you want to spice up your relationship, maybe try breaking that rhythm. Wear your nicest clothes and go to dinner someplace new, go for a hike in the woods, or try something new in the bedroom. Try to think of things that you are both comfortable with and pushing that comfort zone just a bit further, to both expand your breadth of knowledge and strengthen your relationship.

Written by Ginger Ramos
2 years ago

Put in extra effort

Stepping out of your comfort zone for your partner shows them that you care for them, and are willing to put in efforts to make them happy.

If your partner likes watching romantic movies, spend a few hours watching her favorite movie even though you hate cheesy romcoms. Not only will they appreciate the effort, you never know – you might end up liking the movie yourself. 

Written by Joseph Mendoza
6 months ago

Longer hugs

Hug as frequently as you can and make your hugs last longer – you’ll feel the magic. That’s what science says, not me. When you hug, your body releases oxytocin (the love hormone) and melts your stress away.

Longer hugs

So the next time you see your partner, spend a few extra moments on the hug and watch as your partner smiles at you, surprised and happy. What’s a better way to spice up a relationship than a big smile after a long hug? 

Written by Travis Sullivan
3 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Spice Up a Relationship?

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