Best Ways to Cheer someone up


Distract them

While women tend to ruminate on their problems, men find it easier to distract themselves. Maybe you think distraction is not a healthy approach. But guess what? It allows men to move on much more quickly than women, who tend to keep circling around the same thoughts for days.

There are several good ways to distract someone and cheer them up. For instance, playing video games or a board game. Perhaps you could invite your friends over for a small party and have a good time. Or, if your friend is finally feeling they’re ready to talk it out – you can do that too. 

Written by Moises West
2 years ago

Send a picture of a cute animal

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE looking at the adorable and weird animal pictures on your Facebook feed. If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, randomly text them a picture of a cute animal doing something funny.

While looking for a picture to send to your friend, guess who’s going to have a good time scrolling through those pictures? 

Send a picture of a cute animal

Written by John Calderon
6 months ago

Watch a movie

What’s a good movie session without your best friend sitting there commenting on every scene?

If you want to cheer someone up, invite them for a night of Netflix and chill. Order a few pizzas and watch a movie (preferably a comedy).

If you can’t invite them over because of the pandemic, use Netflix Party and watch the movie together at your own homes with the chatbox open on the side. 

Written by Erica Burgess
1 year ago

Tell them you love them

Think about it – wouldn’t you feel warm on the inside if someone tells you that they love you? That’s how you want to make someone feel when you want to cheer them up.

Just saying “I love you” is not the only way you can do this, though. There are other ways to show your love like hugging them, buying them a gift, or a kind gesture. 

Written by Pat Coleman
3 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Cheer Someone Up?

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