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Tracking Cervical Mucus Changes

Cervical mucus charting is not for everyone, but it can certainly give a good idea as to when you will be ovulating. When used with BBT charting, this monitoring method offers a relatively high level of accuracy. Around the time of ovulation, the cervical mucus behind to be clear and thin. It has an appearance similar to that of raw egg whites. This is in contrast to its usual creamy, sticky consistency. When the outer layer is thin and clear, you can say you are ovulating. 

Exfoliate, Epilate and Moisturize

Exfoliation is important to get the best results. Use a scrub or baby sponge to wipe off dead skin cells and bring out the ingrown hair. If you skip this part, you may not get smooth skin later.

Dry your face with a towel if you are using a dry epilator and if you are using a wet epilator, get right into it. Moisturize afterward to soothe the aching skin follicles. If your skin feels too red or irritated wash with cold water a few times, they apply aloe vera gel.

Bug removal sponges

Among several bug removal products, one of my favorites is the bug removal sponge. It’s a microfiber mesh that’s appropriately soft and doesn’t leave any scratches on your car. However, bug removal sponges work best with plenty of water or cleaning solution when removing the bug guts, so you cannot use them dry.

Prioritize your partner and relationship

Everybody’s busy, but don’t let that hog away your partner’s share of your time. This makes your priorities very clear to your partner. If you were in their place, you’d probably resent this behavior too.

Always invest some time in your relationship. Go on dates, watch movies, or just lie around the house in your pajamas. When you spend more time with your partner, you’ll naturally notice a spark and rekindle the excitement in your relationship. 

The SOS Technique

Comfort is pretty much a foreign concept during pregnancy. During this time, your body is going through a variety of different changes that make sleep almost impossible due to the discomfort you face in every position. The best way to sleep is probably “SOS” (Sleep on Side). It’s not only beneficial for you, but also for your baby. You can sleep on either side but it's even better to sleep on your left side as it increases the amount of blood and nutrients that your baby receives during this time.

replace some of your cooking fats with coconut oil

replace some of your cooking fats with coconut oil

Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest consumable fats. Studies show that elements present in coconut oil boost metabolism and decrease your fat storage due to high-calorie intake.

In a study, men who used coconut oil daily for 12 weeks lost an average of 1.1 inches from the waist without making any changes to their diet or exercise routine. Coconut oil is high in calories, replace some fats you are already eating in your diet with coconut oil, and enjoy the results.

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