Best Ways to Hug a guy


Ask Them

They might want to hug you too but don’t want to feel awkward if you don’t hug them back. Ask them if you can hug them or let them know that you are going to hug them. If the guy and you are friends, say something like; “get over here” or just greet them like you normally would and hug them. Keep the hug quick, if you’ve never hugged them before.

Written by Ann Berry
1 year ago

Side Hug

Side hugs are friendly and suitable if the guy you are giving a hug is your friend. Use on arm to hug them just like you would get together for a picture. A side hg also means that you want to stay close friends with the guy but you don’t want to hurt their feelings by making them think that you two can be in a relationship. 

Written by Armando Gregory
8 months ago

Don’t Give them Mixed Feelings

If the guy you are hugging is just a guy friend, you should not give them intimate hugs. Hugging them for longer might make them think that you are interested in them or give them mixed feelings. Keep your hugs short or give them a side hug if you have to. 

Written by Jodi Stark
5 months ago

Understand Their Body Language

Understanding the person’s body language is important when you are about to hug them. If they are interested in making physical contact, their body should be open and welcoming. For example, if the person extends an arm towards you and is looking at you or is smiling, it’s probably because they want to hug you. But, when a guy is standing with arms folded, it’s a clear indicator they are not ready to get in a hug. 

Written by Janelle Hampton
10 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Hug a Guy?

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