Best Ways to Burp a baby


Hold the Baby on your Shoulder or Chest

To burp the baby, give your baby a shoulder pat. Put the baby on your shoulder or hold the baby on your chest and pat the baby’s back. Make sure you have a baby’s bib or handkerchief on your chest or shoulder when patting the baby because overfed babies throw up milk that their body rejects to hold. 

Hold the Baby on your Shoulder or Chest

Written by Todd Huffman
2 weeks ago

Holding your baby against your chest

Sit upright and hold your baby against your chest such that the baby’s chin rests on your shoulder. Support the baby with one hand, and with the other, gently pat on the baby’s back. If you have a rocking chair, that is also helpful. Sit on it and gently rock the chair with the baby held against your chest.

Holding your baby against your chest

Written by Willie Fisher
3 weeks ago

Rock the Baby on Arm

To burp your baby when the baby is asleep or awake, hold the baby upside down on one of your arms. Rock the baby until the baby burps. Hold the baby’s head on your forearm and with your hand hold the baby’s crotch. You can pat the baby’s back gently rub the back or apply pressure on the back. This will stimulate digestion and make room for more milk.

Written by Damian Hicks
7 months ago

Lay your baby face down on your lap

Burping your baby after they have fed is important so they do not feel sick and get fussy. One of the most effective ways to burp you baby is to lay them face down on your lap.

Place your baby's stomach on your legs and gently rub and pat their back. This will help remove all the air bubbles from their stomach after they have eaten. Make sure to support the babies head and don't pat too hard.

Written by Niki Giovanis
4 months ago

Night Burp

If your baby is having trouble burping, then it can be causing gas and making the baby uncomfortable. Especially, if your baby feeds frequently at night and goes to sleep right after. Always burp the baby after feeding to let the baby and you enjoy a good night’s sleep. If this does not seem to help and the baby cries with pain, talk to your doctor if you should be using gripe water to ease the baby’s gastric pain.

Written by Joanne Allison
3 months ago

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