Best Ways to Put a baby to sleep



A gentle massage can be comforting for the baby and can put a baby to sleep. Put the baby on your shoulder and walk. Keep the lights of the room dim. Gently massage the back of the baby’s head with your fingers while holding the baby with one hand. Whisper a song or imitate the sound of a womb. Say shushhhh in a calm voice near the baby’s ear. A tired and sleepy baby should sleep in a few minutes with this trick.


Written by Gabriel Parsons
2 months ago

Swing the Baby

Many people think that swinging a baby is the wrong way to put the baby to sleep because they won’t go to sleep if you don’t swing them. The truth is, with the right swinging, the baby should go to sleep in no time. Inside the womb, your baby was used to swinging when you moved and walked that is exactly what the baby needs to fall asleep. Rock the baby gently in your arms. Swaddle the baby tightly in a cloth with their feet straight and arms straight at the sides. This will keep the baby comfortable and warm. Rock the baby in your arms for a while. If the baby is not falling asleep, it could be because the baby is not tired, or well-fed.

Written by Holly Ferguson
10 months ago

Read out stories and stick to their favorites

Bedtime stories are every child’s favorite bedtime ritual. This is a great way to set the mood for sleep time and for you to spend some time with your child after a long day at work. Try to read your child a different story. Dim the lights before you get into bed with them. Layout a deal that they’ll have to try and get some sleep after you’ve read so-and-so's page. 

Written by Michelle Moran
1 month ago

Playtime tires them out

Putting your babies to sleep can be a challenge, especially during your bedtime. Their little bodies are filled with energy just as midnight approaches. This happens because they get enough sleep during the daytime that they’re just not tired anymore. The best way to put your baby to sleep is to turn their day time into playtime. Lengthen her awake time during the day to achieve a healthy sleep schedule. 

Written by Clarence Black
5 months ago

Well-fed and clean baby is a sleepy baby

Having your children develop healthy sleep habits is not a cakewalk. It will take a great deal of effort on your part. If your toddler is fussing, try to understand the reason behind it. It may be that they’re hungry or need a diaper change. Once they’re full and fresh, try to put them to sleep gently. Reassure that you’re there from time to time. Sing them a lullaby if you can. And watch them slowly drift off. 

Written by Sheila Boyd
3 years ago

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