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Positive reinforcement

Punishments are a terrible way to train any pet and must be avoided at all costs. Positive reinforcement is the best way and works much better than other approaches. Whenever the kitten uses the litter box, praise her by petting her and making comforting sounds.

Positive reinforcement

NEVER rub her nose in the mess if she has an accident. Instead, let her sniff the mess out and then gently put her in the box so she’ll associate poo time with the box, and will learn where to go.

Hold the Baby on your Shoulder or Chest

To burp the baby, give your baby a shoulder pat. Put the baby on your shoulder or hold the baby on your chest and pat the baby’s back. Make sure you have a baby’s bib or handkerchief on your chest or shoulder when patting the baby because overfed babies throw up milk that their body rejects to hold. 

Hold the Baby on your Shoulder or Chest

Bake them

Grab an oven-safe bowl or pan and the aluminum pan containing the pasta. From the aluminum pan, remove the desired quantity of pasta and transfer it to the oven-safe container (do not cover).

Spreading the pasta so that it forms a thin layer. This will help cook and crisp the pasta evenly and quickly.

Bake them

Let the pasta bake for about 10 minutes. Keep checking on the pasta while baking. If you haven’t spread your pasta in a thin layer, you may need to stir it frequently to distribute the heat evenly. 

Eat Dates

Dates are sweet and fulfilling because they are rich in fiber. The fruit is well-known for producing heat inside the body. Eating a few dates every day can prepone your period for at least 3-7 days. It’s a natural remedy with no side effects and works for many women.

Eat Dates

The Violent Way

The Violent WayFingerprints are like a puzzle. Every person has a very specific puzzle. If you take one piece away from the puzzle, no one can figure out who that fingerprint belongs to. The majority of individuals looking to manipulate fingerprints are doing it for criminal reasons like criminals have done in the past. Folks burn off their fingers to damage that puzzle, and voila! No law enforcement can put their fingerprints through their database. The only way is a pretty painful one, so I recommend not to go down that road.

Focus on breathing

It’s a well-known fact that focusing on your breathing can help you feel calm. If you’re feeling restless and can’t sleep, try to focus on your breathing.

It may help if you count your breaths. When you’re calm, you’ll be able to get into the zone and fall asleep more easily. 

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