Best Ways to Sit with lower back pain


Hard Sofa or Chair

Often people sit on an old and soft couch for too long. Bending your back too much when sitting can also give you an ache. If you have a history of back pain or have been suffering from lower back pain for a while now, you should think about getting a hard couch or chair where you can sit with your back straight.

Hard Sofa or Chair

When sitting, find the right alignment of the back, you should not be kneeling forward or backward. Your neck should be relaxed and the shoulder blades should be straightened in a natural position.

Written by Debra Bridges
2 years ago

Bend Knees when Sitting Down

When you’re about to sit, bend your knees instead of your back to avoid the pain. Keep your back straight and your chin up, slowly stoop and kneel to sit on a chair. When you can feel the chair against your hips, relax your back against the chair and use support.

Written by Laurel Wade
3 months ago

Use a Cushion for Support

When you have lower back pain, sitting with the correct posture is necessary. To support your back, use a lightly filled cushion behind the curve in your back to provide support. Sitting is not a good idea when you have persistent pain in your lower back. Try to keep your body straight by standing up while working and when you need to rest, lie down.

Written by Nicholas Washington
2 years ago

Correct knee posture

Your lower body posture is completely dictated by your knee angle. The knee angle is important so make sure to focus on them while sitting.

While sitting on a chair avoid the followings:

- Don’t cross your legs when you sit.

- Make sure to bend your knee at a 90-degree angle.

- Make sure both feet are planted on the floor. The footrest can be used if needed.

These positions might feel rigid, but the whole idea is to put your body into a neutral position reducing any strain on your back.

Written by Tony Perry
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Sit with Lower Back Pain?

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