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Night Burp

If your baby is having trouble burping, then it can be causing gas and making the baby uncomfortable. Especially, if your baby feeds frequently at night and goes to sleep right after. Always burp the baby after feeding to let the baby and you enjoy a good night’s sleep. If this does not seem to help and the baby cries with pain, talk to your doctor if you should be using gripe water to ease the baby’s gastric pain.

Block Their Entrance

If the flies are getting into your house, it’s because they are finding a way to get in such as an open window or a door. Once you have figured out where they are coming in from, you can block their entrance into the house.

If there are a lot of them inside the hose, chase them out. Use a cloth such as your scarf to blow them away and out of a door. Chase them until they get out. Once they are out, close all the doors and windows.

Block Their Entrance


To make puffed rice, you first need cooked rice. Make your rice according to the package instructions. If making a single serving, this will yield you around 3 cups of rice. Spread your rice out on a baking sheet and dehydrate in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for around 2 hours. The rice should be hard and lost all its tenderness by the time you're done.

Then, you'll need an oil with a high smoke point, such as peanut, canola, or sunflower. Take a saucepan with high sides and add your oil until it comes up at around a half an inch to shallow-fry the rice. Taking care not to overcrowd the pan, add small amounts of the dehydrated rice at a time to the saucepan and fry until puffed and lightly golden. Transfer to a paper towel-lined baking sheet to drain off the excess oil, wait to cool, and voila! You've made puffed rice.


Make up

It’s no surprise that make up can hide some really nasty things on your skin. But you need to know what works best for hickeys.

Ideally, it’s best to use a green-tinted concealer because it negates the skin’s red tone. Apply a foundation lighter than the tone of your skin over the hickey and around it. If you want to be thorough, dust some translucent powder on it to even out the skin tone. 

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

James Bond's strategy is one of the riskiest strategies, but it also has a maximum reward. To play this strategy you need at least $200. 

How to Play:

- Place $140 on the high numbers (19-36).

- Bet $50 on the numbers 13 through 18.

- Place $10 on 0 for insurance.

If luck is not in your favor, then you just lost $200. But, if any of the bets come, then you have a pretty hefty profit. If 19-36 pockets, then you have earned $80. If 13-18 shows up, then you win $100, and if 0 shows up then you are up to $160.

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