Best Ways to Design a bedroom


Create a furniture layout

One of the major parts of your bedroom design project will be your furniture. Creating a layout of how you’d like your furniture to go can help you envision what the space will look like when it’s done. It will also help you if you decide to buy new furniture. Work with the space you have to see how things will fit and if the flow of the room makes sense. You don’t want to get stuck with a bed that’s too big or a layout that is too chaotic.

Written by Heather Vasquez
2 years ago

Pick out your decor

Once you have the biggest things done (like paint and furniture), you can get to work on the fun part: picking out new decor pieces. This is the most fun part of any renovation process. The unique items that you bring into your bedroom design will help create a certain vibe inside the space. For a more modern and clean look, go for sharp edges and neutral colors. For a more eclectic energy, pick out mismatched frames in a matching color scheme. If you want some vintage flair, you can add patterns to your cushions and frame old prints to hang on the walls.

Written by Rosemary Mack
1 month ago

Choose a color scheme

In order to start making design decisions for your new bedroom, you have to pick out a color scheme. The colors you choose are key for almost everything else you will have to do, including choosing paint colors and decor. The colors will also help you figure out the kind of design vibe you’re going for. Neutrals will give your room a more sleek look while deeper tones may give a darker, more romantic energy. Choose the colors that will best work with the ideas you have for the space.

Written by Heather Vasquez
7 months ago

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