Best Ways to Design a room


Keep the bedroom layout minimal and simple

I did not get clever as far as the placement is concerned in designing a room. I just stuck to the basics and put the bed frame in the middle. I did not go for a floating bed frame or place the bed frame in the middle rather than against the wall.

Keep both sides of the bed open as it will give your room design a flow and you would have enough space to sit from anywhere on the bed. If you are into making the most out of limited supplies, start with a simple layout and things won’t go south.Keep the bedroom layout minimal and simple

Written by Nicholas Taylor
3 months ago

Find your personal style

Everyone has their own personal style, and it may be similar to someone else's, but it's never exactly the same. Take some elements in your home that you particularly like and take pictures of them. Then, find some pictures of rooms or designs that you also like, and put them in the same album. Find what connects those rooms. Maybe you'll find that you prefer jewel tones to pastels, or that you like rooms that are filled to the brim with plants. Maybe you don't like the room to be filled at all and prefer a more minimalist look.

Write down what you like and give it a name, maybe "Boho-inspired minimalist" or "Rustic cabin chic", whatever feels good to you and encapsulates the feel you want for your home. From there, it'll be much easier to organize what furniture pieces will work for you, and what kind of accents to place.

Find your personal style

Written by Judith Rogers
1 year ago

Choose wall-mounted lights

Say no to floor and table lamps as they are gradually coming out of the equation. Yes, they look great but they are only going to take up a tiny bit of the side table and floor space you have left.

The best option to save space is to go for wall-mounted lamps, ideally the ones with swinging, adjustable arms. They are adjustable, which is makes them easy to use. They can go upward, downward, left, and right.

Moreover, they are perfect for parties and in-house dance shows as well.

Written by Orville Hendricks
9 months ago

Create an illusion of space

If you have a small room like me, creating an illusion of space is literally the only thing you can do while designing it. When I was designing the room, I hung my draperies close to the ceilings. It will not only create an illusion that your walls are huge but will always keep a visitor’s eyes up.

While we are at it, pick the curtains to match the color of the walls. It is better to go for a modernistic look instead of a vintage look as you won’t be distracted by contrasting colors. 

Written by Enrique Erickson
5 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Design a Room?

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