Best Ways to Arrange bedroom


Sitting Area

If your room is spacious you can put a small couch or two chairs and a table in the room, while leaving ample free space for movement. Arrange the seaters in such a way that they don’t interfere with other furniture. Place them a little away from the wall and add extras such as a table, lamp, a vase or book stand to fill up space elegantly. If your seats are big, don’t bother adding anything beside them because it won’t be very visible anyway. 

Written by Carolyn Wheeler
5 months ago


Small and medium-size rooms can look bigger with the correct use of mirrors. Mirrors can also be used to increase the lighting in the room when positioned correctly. Placing the mirror on the wall facing your bed or entrance door can create a mild illusion of more space. Placing the mirror opposite to a window where sunlight falls, can help reflect light which makes the room brighter during the day. 


Written by Jacob Richards
6 months ago

Don’t Block the Window

Even if you hate opening the window and you haven’t ever enjoyed looking out the window don’t let the furniture cover it entirely especially if it is a small window. Placing the seaters in front of a large window will help you enjoy the view outside while sitting in the chair but doing the same with a small window won’t be a good idea. Leave the window area free if you can. But if the window covers an entire wall, and you can’t find any other spot for your couch, make it your sitting area. 

Written by Angela Olson
2 years ago

Don’t Push the Bed to the Side

Pushing the bed to one side of the room is allowed only if your room is small and less than 12 x 12 feet. Keep the bed in the center and leave equal space on the sides for nightstands or a plant. If you have a chair or a work table that you want to keep in your room, find another wall. Putting unnecessary furniture beside the bed will make the room look crammed and unpleasant. The symmetry of the bedroom is explicitly connected to the placement of the bed so make sure that the bed is in the right place.

Don’t Push the Bed to the Side

Written by Enrique Hunt
1 month ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Arrange Bedroom?

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