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A nice way from Sulphur Springs to Eagleville

While driving to Eagleville from Sulphur Springs I suggest first visit Save-A-Lot for picking up a few things! Finally stop by Corvette Café for some sodas.

Sulphur Springs
IN 47388
North Railroad Street, Scottsburg, IN 47170-9998
Corvette Café
350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101
The best route to Eagleville from Sulphur Springs

A good trip to Hallwood

When driving to Hallwood from Mount Aetna this is a nice way: first of all stop by Quality Center Mall for picking up a few things. Secondly make a stop at Saint Luke's Church for a leg stretcher! After that visit Boundary Monument 34 for a nice experience.

Mount Aetna
Quality Center Mall
Eastbrook Road, Smoketown, PA 17576
Saint Luke's Church
403 Main Street, Church Hill, MD 21623
Boundary Monument 34
Delmar Road, Packing House Corner, DE 19940
The best route to Hallwood from Mount Aetna

From Wrightstown Township to Thurston

While going to Thurston from Wrightstown Township I suggest you first stop at Pizza Hut for a something delicious to eat! Next hit Dunkin' Donuts for a bite. Lastly visit Barclay!

Wrightstown Township
Pizza Hut
South Best Avenue, Walnutport, PA 18088
Dunkin' Donuts
West Railroad Street, Plymouth, PA 18651
Bradford County, PA
The best route to Thurston from Wrightstown Township

Going to Lakeside with some some shopping added

When driving from Itta Bena to Lakeside this is my preferred way: first of all stop at Party City for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Lastly stop at Hampton Inn Sulphur Springs for a small treat!

Itta Bena
MS 38941
Church of Christ
West 2nd Avenue, Crossett, AR 71635
Party City
2315 Richmond Road, Texarkana, TX 75503
Hampton Inn Sulphur Springs
1202 Mockingbird Lane, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
The best route to Lakeside from Itta Bena

A nicer way to Morganton

While going from Rushmere to Morganton first of all hit McDonald's for a nice meal. After that stop at McDonald's for a something to eat! Finally visit Hanes Mall for some hit and run shopping!

That's all.

North Mecklenburg Avenue, South Hill, VA
2035 NC 86, Yanceyville, NC 27379
Hanes Mall
Winston-Salem, NC 27103-9998
NC 28655
The best route to Morganton from Rushmere

From Virginia to Ipswich

When going from Virginia to Ipswich I suggest you look in on Mrs. B's to grab a bite.

MN 55792
Mrs. B's
43869 Crimson Trail, Otter Tail County, MN 56573
The best route to Ipswich from Virginia

The best way to Perryville from Macksville

Driving to Perryville from Macksville make sure to make a stop at Discover Tulsa for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Discover Tulsa
7777 East Apache Street, Tulsa, OK 74115-3883
The best route to Perryville from Macksville

From Glenwood to Owatonna with some something to eat added

If driving to Owatonna from Glenwood I suggest you first of all hit Hillcrest Cafe for a something delicious to eat! Secondly pay a visit to Parkview Grille to have some snacks and something to drink. Lastly visit Anytime Fitness to get that body going!

Enjoy it.

Hillcrest Cafe
165th Avenue Northeast, Kandiyohi County, MN 56273
Parkview Grille
311 North Sibley Avenue, Litchfield, MN 55355
Anytime Fitness
525 South Grade Road Southwest, Hutchinson, MN 55350
The best route to Owatonna from Glenwood

From Round Prairie to Karlsruhe with some some training added

Driving from Round Prairie to Karlsruhe I suggest first pay a visit to CYCLEBAR. It's great. After that stop by AmericInn for a small treat!


Round Prairie
Bluestem Drive, West Fargo, ND 58122
Winter Show Drive, Valley City, ND 58072
The best route to Karlsruhe from Round Prairie

A nicer route to Gates Mills from Glen Hope

Driving from Glen Hope to Gates Mills this is a nice way: first make a stop at Microtel for a night. Finally stop by Shenango Valley Mall for shopping!

Glen Hope
PA 16645
I 80;PA 66, Knox Township, PA 16214
Shenango Valley Mall
East State Street, Hermitage, PA 16148
Gates Mills
OH 44040:44099
The best route to Gates Mills from Glen Hope

My stops from Belwood to Opp

Driving from Belwood to Opp make sure to look in on The Vanilla Bean for something handy to eat.

NC 28042
The Vanilla Bean
West Greene Street, Monticello, GA
AL 36467
The best route to Opp from Belwood

These were my stops going to Gilt Edge

Driving from Bude to Gilt Edge this is a good way: stop by Wal-Mart for great shopping!

MS 39630
Frontage Road, Greenwood, MS 38935
Gilt Edge
The best route to Gilt Edge from Bude

A nice route from Shelby to Karns City

Last time I went to Karns City this was my route.

12821 Crossover Drive, DeWitt Charter Township, MI 48820
Grosse Pointe Hunt Club
655 Cook Road, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236
Jehovah's Witnesses Assembly Hall
38025 Vine Street, Willoughby, OH 44094
Karns City
The best route to Karns City from Shelby

A good trip to DeWitt from Custer

While driving to DeWitt from Custer I suggest first stop at Circle A Ranch, it is a nice stop! Next stop by MVP Fitness to get that body going.

Circle A Ranch
Rockford Rest Area 525, Algoma Township, MI
MVP Fitness
Hillview Place, Rockford, MI 49341
The best route to DeWitt from Custer

Choose wall-mounted lights

Say no to floor and table lamps as they are gradually coming out of the equation. Yes, they look great but they are only going to take up a tiny bit of the side table and floor space you have left.

The best option to save space is to go for wall-mounted lamps, ideally the ones with swinging, adjustable arms. They are adjustable, which is makes them easy to use. They can go upward, downward, left, and right.

Moreover, they are perfect for parties and in-house dance shows as well.

To Beechwood from Bernadotte

Going to Beechwood from Bernadotte I suggest first of all visit Little Caesars for a lunch or dinner. Then stop by African American Settlers of the Cheyenne Valley. It's great! After that hit Madison Dressage Lessons. It's a nice stop.

Little Caesars
North Frontage Road, Rochester, MN 55904-5192
African American Settlers of the Cheyenne Valley
Elm Avenue, Hillsboro, WI 54634
Madison Dressage Lessons
8512 Weatherwood Road, Town of Berry, WI 53528
MI 49424
The best route to Beechwood from Bernadotte

A nicer route to Schulenburg from Newton

Last time I went from Newton this was the route I picked.

TX 75966
City Park Pool
Park Road, Dayton, TX
Waller County Line BBQ
20767 FM 362, Waller, TX 77874
TX 78956
The best route to Schulenburg from Newton

These were my stops going to Opp

Going to Opp from Belwood make sure to first of all look in on Raines On Main to grab a bite! After that make a stop at Outdoor Training Pool for a quick swim in in the pool. After that hit Scenic Overlook, it is a nice stop!

NC 28042
Raines On Main
312 South Main Street, Anderson, SC 29624
Outdoor Training Pool
Heisman Drive, Auburn, AL 36849
Scenic Overlook
Talladega Scenic Drive, Abel, AL
AL 36467
The best route to Opp from Belwood

A good way to Luling

Driving from Tatum to Luling first of all pay a visit to Settles Hotel for the night! Next make a stop at Party City for good shopping.

NM 88267
Settles Hotel
200 East 3rd Street, Big Spring, TX 79720
Party City
4151 Sunset Drive, San Angelo, TX 76904
TX 78468
The best route to Luling from Tatum

The best way from Country Homes to Roundup

Going from Country Homes to Roundup I suggest you first of all stop by VACANT for a great dinner. Finally look in on Dearborn River High Bridge for a leg stretcher!

Country Homes
WA 99251
MT 212, Moiese, MT 59824
Dearborn River High Bridge
Lewis and Clark County, MT
MT 59072
The best route to Roundup from Country Homes

A nicer trip to Martinsburg from Beebe

While driving to Martinsburg from Beebe I suggest stop at Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Cuba for the night!

AR 72012
Tesla Supercharger
Martin Springs Drive, Rolla, MO 65401
Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Cuba
97 Ozark Drive, Cuba, MO 65453
The best route to Martinsburg from Beebe

My fav stops to Rock Island from Conrad

Ok!, Going to Rock Island from Conrad make sure to first stop by Harvest Foods for picking up a few things! Then pay a visit to Rathdrum Fitness. It's a nice stop. Lastly make a stop at Davenport Family Foods for a leg stretcher.

Harvest Foods
MT 35, Bigfork, MT
Rathdrum Fitness
Thayer Street, Rathdrum, ID 83858
Davenport Family Foods
Morgan Street, Davenport, WA 99122
Rock Island
WA 98850
The best route to Rock Island from Conrad

Let me suggest this!

Last time I drove from Chester to Tower City this was the way I went.

Joe Bosco Ice Cream & Dessert
55 Broad Street, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327
Purple Green
105 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Tower City
The best route to Tower City from Chester

Going to Walters with some some training added

Ok!, Going to Walters from Dickinson make sure to first of all pay a visit to Crunch Fitness. It's great. Lastly stop at Yogali to get that body going!

Crunch Fitness
Watt Avenue, Waco, TX 76710
6517 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76112
OK 73572
The best route to Walters from Dickinson

From Sandown to Seymour with a stop for some food

Driving to Seymour from Sandown I suggest you first make a stop at Sonoma for a something tasty to eat. Finally stop by Horsebarn Hill Arena. It's a nice stop!

NH 03873
206 Worcester Road, Princeton, MA 01541
Horsebarn Hill Arena
Horsebarn Hill Road, Mansfield, CT 06269
CT 06483
The best route to Seymour from Sandown

Why not this trip?

If driving from Bladen to Hartville I suggest first make a stop at Cody Park Swimming Pool for a cool off in the pool. Next visit Scotts Bluff, it is a nice stop!

Cody Park Swimming Pool
North Dewey Street, North Platte, NE 69101
Scotts Bluff
Saddle Rock Trail, Costin, NE 69361
The best route to Hartville from Bladen

These were my stops going to Lebanon

When driving to Lebanon from Colfax I suggest first of all stop by Shawnee Lookout Point. I liked it! Finally look in on All Seasons Cafe for a little something to eat.

IN 46035
Shawnee Lookout Point
Miami Fort Trail, Miami Township, OH 47025-1322
All Seasons Cafe
East Main Street, Morehead, KY 40351
VA 24266
The best route to Lebanon from Colfax

Pay utility bills on time

Whenever lenders review your score, they examine how timely you are in paying utility bills. You can expect a slight increase in your credit score by paying on the agreed time every month. Setting the house owner for less or paying less than what you are supposed to pay affects your credit score negatively.

Besides utility bills, you have to pay credit card bills and loans on time. For example, if you had taken a student loan, you must repay the installment every month in a timely manner. One trick to pay on time is to calendar reminders, if not automatic payment methods.

Try Yoga

Yoga is a physical technique that improves your spiritual wellness. It reduces emotional and physical strains on your mind and body. Yoga is taught at different levels and can help lower stress, boost the immune system, and lower blood pressure as well as reduce depression, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia.

Try Yoga

Enjoy tequila with sangria

Sangria means "little blood" in Spanish. It is non-alcoholic. Pair sangria with sipping tequila in a different shot glass. Take turns sipping tequila and sangria. To make a mix, follow these steps:

-       1 cup fresh-squeezed orange juice

-       1 cup tomato juice

-       1 tsp grenadine

-       12 dashes hot sauce

Enjoy tequila with sangria

Using Par-boiled Rice

For making puffed rice, you will need:

- Salt (2 cups)

- Par-boiled Rice (as many as desired)

In a large skillet, heat the salt while stirring with a wooden spoon at high to medium flame for 5 minutes. When the salt is hot, add half a cup of par-boiled rice to it. Stir constantly. The rice will start to puff up in a few minutes. Wait until all of them are done. Use a strainer to separate the rice and salt.  Repeat for more puffed rice. Do not add a lot of rice at once as it may reduce the heat inside the pan and the rice won't puff up thoroughly.

Keep the Water in a safe Bowl

Rabbits like to hop and move in the cage and this makes it impossible to not spill the water. Keep a small water bowl inside their cage and fill half of it. Refill when it’s empty. Don’t fill right after they spill it because they might start doing it, again and again, to get more water and create a horrible mess. Rabbits consume a lot of water so make sure that you refill it from time to time so they don’t have to stay thirsty either. 

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