Best Ways to Erase pen writing


Use acetone

If you have some nail polish remover lying around the house, go grab it because it most likely has acetone in it and can be used to erase the stubborn ink from your paper.

To remove the ink, dip a cotton swab into the nail polish remover, and gently rub it over the ink you want to get rid of.

This simple trick works best with blue-colored ballpoint pen ink. 

Written by Laurel Wade
9 months ago

Ink erasers

Ink erasers work well for pens that feature erasable ink. Not all pens have erasable ink, obviously. To see if your pen’s ink is erasable, check the packaging. If you don’t find the word “erasable,” your pen probably doesn’t have erasable ink. Also, erasable ink is generally blue, and not black.

Ink erasers

If you’re unsure about your pen’s ink being erasable, first try it on another piece of paper and try erasing it with an ink eraser.

If you’re trying to erase pen ink, gum erasers and rubber erasers are not a good choice. Vinyl erasers should work for you, but be careful because they’re pretty rough and will rub the paper itself in addition to the ink.

Written by Muriel Aguilar
2 years ago

Erase with a blade

You can use friction to your advantage for erasing pen ink from a paper. Simple blades can help you get rid of some ink, but it’s good only for erasing a few letters rather than a full page.

To erase using a blade, hold it with the sharp edge placed on the paper, and begin to rub gently. It’s important not to go full throttle with the blade, though, since that might take a few layers out or rip through the paper.

Written by Michael Zimmerman
2 years ago

Try alcohol

Apply isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol using a cotton swab over the ink you’re trying to erase from the paper. If you want to erase ink off the full page, soak it for about 5 minutes in a washing tray.

The brand of isopropyl alcohol is irrelevant as long as you don’t use alcohol that contains scents or dyes. Also, be sure to cover areas on the paper that you don’t want to erase. 

Written by Helene Jacobs
3 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Erase Pen Writing?

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