Best Ways to Dust wood furniture


Using a Clean Cloth

The right way to clean the wood furniture is to use a dry and clean cloth every time to clean the dust. Over time the wood furniture can look dusty when the dust starts hiding in the carvings. If the wooden furniture at your house has accumulated dust inside the carving, cleaning with a dampened cloth will be the last option. Water can harm wooden furniture if you let the water stay on the wood for longer. If the cloth you are using is too wet, use another dry cloth to remove the water and dry up the surface. Make sure that there is no water on the furniture after you are done cleaning.

Using a Clean Cloth

Written by Antonio Harper
7 months ago

Vacuum and Clean with Olive Oil

Sometimes dusting with a cloth is not enough. I have an old dresser at my house that often becomes really dusty because of its very small and fine hand carvings. Once a month I pull it away from the wall and vacuum it from all sides and the back. Then I use a wet cloth to remove the dust and for a neat finish, I use a small cotton cloth dipped in some olive oil. Olive oil makes the wooden furniture look good as new with a glossy layer that also protects it.

Remember to use very little oil because a lot of oil will attract dust to the wood surface and make it a greasy mess. You can also mix one-part naphtha with olive oil to make the mixture thin and keep the wooden surfaces grease-free.

Written by Eddy Fuller
3 months ago

Use a Wood Cleaner

Wood cleaners are specially made for cleaning the wood furniture to increase their life and make them look good as new. Most wooden cleaners come in spray bottles which makes cleaning easier. Clean the dust with a micro-fiber cloth from your wooden furniture. Spray the wooden cleaner generously on the surface of the furniture avoiding fabrics and foams. Then use a different and clean cloth to rub it all over and wipe off the excess.

Written by Mindy Mcdonald
3 weeks ago

Purchase furniture polish

Dusting furniture can be a breeze if you’ve got a microfiber towel and a bottle of furniture polish. Not only does the towel wipe away any dust and dirt on your furniture, the polish leaves the furniture looking brand-new. Many furniture polishes also have protective qualities to help protect your furniture from scratches and aging. You can purchase furniture polish at any grocery store.

Written by Terry Coleman
5 months ago

Use a duster

To give your home a quick dusting with only one tool, try a duster. My favorite is the Swiffer duster. The fibers of the duster capture all the dirt and dust so that it doesn’t fly off your furniture and onto other things. Most of the Swiffer products also come with extendable rods so you can dust those higher, hard-to-reach places. You can purchase Swiffer products at most grocery stores.

Written by Jo Bennett
5 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Dust Wood Furniture?

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