Best Ways to Partition hard drive


Using Windows Partitioning Tool

Windows 10 has a pretty intuitive hard drive partitioning tool available that can make partitions on empty and in-use hard drives. Type partition in the Windows search box, and "Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions" should come up. Before you create a partition, make sure you back up all your data. There's not much that can go wrong, but it's always a nice precaution to take. Once you're ready, go into the tool and right-click on the drive, and select Shrink Volume. A dialogue box will open that will prompt you to enter a size. The size you enter will be chopped off and added to a separate unallocated space—Right-click on that unallocated space and select Simple New Volume. The wizard will take you through the rest of the process.

Written by Janis Malone
4 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Partition Hard Drive?

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