Best Ways to Pay attention in class


Wake up early

While it’s fairly common for college students to jump out of bed 10 minutes ahead of the class and rush to the classroom just-in-time to reach before the professor arrives, it’s going to make you groggy. Your brain needs a 10-15 minute buffer after waking up.

Make it a point to wake up at least an hour before class so you have enough time to shower and have breakfast. You’ll feel much more relaxed and composed, and will be able to attend the class attentively. 

Written by Edgar Hicks
2 years ago

Sit up straight

When you sit up straight and put on an attentive expression, it tricks your brain into believing that you’re actually interested in what’s happening in the class. Even if it’s not your favorite subject, just pretend to be paying attention. Also, keep moving a little bit. Shift your position slightly, tap your toes, or roll your shoulders to keep your blood circulating. This will help you stay focused during the class.

Written by Sonia Butler
2 months ago

Take notes

Paying attention in class can be a difficult task, but taking notes forces you to pay attention to what your teacher is saying. I’ve found that I always paid more attention when I was keeping myself accountable by writing down key terms and examples during lectures. On days I chose not to take notes, I did not remember even half as much as I did on the days that I did take notes. This will also help you long-term during tests and quizzes.

Written by Alfred Davidson
3 years ago

Sit in the front row

This might sound scary at first, but it’s not that bad once you do it a few times. When you’re sitting in the front row of the class, you’ll be less tempted to check your phone every few minutes.

The thought of being selected by the lecturer to participate in the discussion will also keep you on your toes because you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the entire class. This will motivate you to finish all your assignments on time and read through the coursework before you even step inside of the classroom. 

Written by Clarence Hunt
1 week ago

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