Best Ways to Cheat in online exam


Take help from an answer service/Expert

Unless I am proctored, I like to send questions to an online expert or an answering service. It is perhaps the safest and the most convenient way where you get every answer correct. For instance, if I have to do an essay, I simply get an expert, screenshot the question, send it to him and provide him with all necessary course material. However, I never share my college log in information as it is risky and you might get caught.

Written by James Hansen
4 months ago

Screen sharing/Mirroring

Screen sharing/mirroring allows me to use more than one computer screen at a time while taking an exam. As institutes allow students to take the exam from multiple remote locations, I have the freedom to use several monitors. In screen mirroring, a student perceives to be in his work station. This tool allows me to share content with other monitors.

 Not only can I look for answers but ask my friends by sharing the question on his monitor as well. However, invigilators can enable the proctoring software which might catch you immediately. Screen sharing/Mirroring

Written by Clint Martin
4 years ago

Use smartphones and advanced technologies

Smartphones and devices such as undetectable Bluetooth, help me to cheat in online exams. Smartphones are equipped with programmable scientific calculators. I use it to store formulas. Also, I save data on the notepad to secure high marks.

It is better than traditional cheating methods, such as writing on the palms and your legs. I can easily answer out-of-syllabus questions as Google has the answer to almost everything. Sometimes, I even ask my top-scorer friend to message me all the answers.

Written by Jonathon Johnson
3 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Cheat In Online Exam?

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