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Embrace social media

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses to reach out to people. It isn’t just a tool to gain exposure instead it has become a must investment for every business to make.

You can play ads and offers on a Facebook page and a direct channel on Twitter. Using LinkedIn at a personal and company level can effectively help your startup.

Embrace social media

Wash the Fabric Bedding

If you have put fabric bedding in the rabbit’s cage, you need to wash it every week. Throw away the old bedding or wash, dry, and put it back. The rabbit may pee on the bedding or spill water on it and it can lead to a reeking hutch that nobody likes. Once a week let your rabbit play outside on the lawn and wash the hutch with a hose pipe. Dry the wooden hutch in the sun and replace the bedding. 

Take a Day Off

Women are extremely sensitive beings when they start their period. Once a month, your girlfriend deserves your attention more than ever-on the beginning of her period.

Take a day off from work if you can and buy her favorite food or snacks or cook her something warm and delicious. Fill a water bottle for her, make hot chocolate, snuggle with her and be there for her. She won’t want a lot from you but she’ll be happy and surprised to receive so much attention and care from you.

Take a Day Off

Palm for relaxed vision

This is a highly effective way of taking care of your eyes and it works well for relaxation as well. Use it every time you feel your eyes are tired and worn out. All you need to do is cup your hands over your eyes and give a little pressure on them. For better effect, rub your hands together for 5-10 seconds and then place it on your eyes.

Keep your eyes closed and stare into the dark space while focusing on the distance. Hold the pressure till you see actual residuals fade into black color. Do this exercise for at least 30 seconds whenever your eyes get tired.

Palm for relaxed vision

Choose a Niche

Just like when you have a skin problem, you’ll prefer going to a skin specialist rather than a GP, individuals who have a specific business financial problem, need specific business financial solutions so they go to niche experts. If you establish yourself as a niche expert, a number of individuals out there who need you will reach out to you. You can also charge higher because your services will be customized and value-added services.

Send personalized connection requests

When you click on the connect button from the “people you may know” list, you’ll end up with a bunch of other people who did just that. Instead, head over to the person’s profile and use the connect button on their profile. This will pull up a text box where you can add a personalized note along with the connection request.

Send personalized connection requests

Say something like, “I have been reading your posts on LinkedIn and find your work quite interesting. I appreciate your thought process and would love to connect.”

Rather than getting lost in the crowd, a personalized note gives you a chance to stand out. Make its best use.

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