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Know the Right Angle

Not all of us have perfectly symmetrical faces. This is why we look considerably better from one angle. My pictures from the left side of the face look horrible when I’m smiling because of a single crooked tooth that shows up whenever I smile with my mouth wide open.

Take pictures posing with your good side to look better.

A binky and a note

Letting your parents know they are going to be grandparents is a sweet and joyous moment. A cute way of letting them know of your pregnancy is by tying a note to a binky that says something like:

“Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Please keep this for me and use it when I come to visit you. Knowing my mom, she might forget about it.

See you in (your due date)


Baby (your last name)”

Use Hair Accessories

Instead of dying your hair a different color, just get a few accessories to change your hair. A hairband, silk headscarf, or colorful scrunchie can do the job. Pull your hair back in a retro silk scarf or wear a pearl headband. Find accessories that can go with the clothes you wear. A simple bow or some flowers can make you look stunning. 

Use Hair Accessories

Screen sharing/Mirroring

Screen sharing/mirroring allows me to use more than one computer screen at a time while taking an exam. As institutes allow students to take the exam from multiple remote locations, I have the freedom to use several monitors. In screen mirroring, a student perceives to be in his work station. This tool allows me to share content with other monitors.

 Not only can I look for answers but ask my friends by sharing the question on his monitor as well. However, invigilators can enable the proctoring software which might catch you immediately. Screen sharing/Mirroring

Fill Out a Simple Form

The surname change process is pretty easy, especially in the United States. You're going to have to fill out a name change form and pair it with a show-cause of legally changing your name. Once you bring these forms to the court, you'll usually be granted permission without much hassle. This is pretty much a job well done, and you can start using your new surname name immediately. However, in certain states, you will be required to announce the change publicly by posting it in a newspaper.

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