Best Ways to Sleep better


The Right Temperature

To fall asleep, you need the right temperature in your room. If you are using a thermostat, set to somewhere between 15-20°C. When you are trying to sleep, check if your feet are too cold or your upper body is too warm.

If you like to sleep with a blanket or comforter, check if it is too heavy for you. A thick comforter can put unnecessary pressure on your body that might make you uncomfortable.

The Right Temperature

Written by Gerald Schneider
9 months ago

Sleeping Position

When you are cold at night, you might curl up or get in an uncomfortable position. The uncomfortable position if held for longer can give you aches on the following day.

To sleep well, prepare your bed before you get inside. Keep a warm water bottle with you, in cold weather. When the bed is warm, spread out your body, and sleep in a relaxed position. If you are a side sleeper, make sure your body is stretched and relaxed. It can help you fall asleep soon and wake up fresh and energetic.

Written by Kristy Morgan
11 months ago

Warm Bath

A warm bath can help you relieve stress and calm your body. Before going to bed, take a 10-to-20-minute shower that makes the body warm and helps destress. After a warm bath, when you go to sleep, your body tension will be relieved. As the body gradually cools down, it may help you fall asleep. Some studies have shown that bathing before bed can help improve the quality of sleep.

Written by Latisha Baker
11 months ago

Don't make sleep another achievement

Studies have shown that people who suffer from sleep problems do not sleep much less than others, but that they do lie awake a lot in bed. If this happens, it will be easy to think that you need to sleep, and even more so when listening to all these sensible advice to follow. This in turn means that the bed is learned as a place where we worry and experience stress. Then it is better to get up for a while and engage in some calm activity in dim lighting: listen to calm music or read something relaxing and then try again when you feel sleepy.

Written by Ulysses Schneider
7 months ago

Try redecorating

Many sleep problems that we suffer from have to do with our environment. If your room lets in too much light, especially the wrong kind of light, it can disrupt your sleep.

Consider getting blackout curtains if you have a window in your bedroom. As suggested by their name, these curtains will block out all light coming in and help you to get a more restful sleep.

There is also such thing as "sleep lights", lamps that adjust their light output based on the time of day to establish a clear "wake up" and "wind down" time. The human circadian rhythm relies heavily on light cues (the sun going up or going down) to know when it's time to go to bed, so these can be especially helpful.

Another helpful tool is weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are filled with specially weighted beads to apply light pressure to your body, imitating the feeling of being swaddled, which many find soothing.

Written by Regina Harding
2 weeks ago

Fixed routines

Our bodies need routines. Stick to fixed sleeping times. In the evenings as well as in the mornings.

Fixed routinesTrying to catch up lost sleep on weekends makes it harder to return to routines next week. In addition, you usually do not need to make up for lost sleep. The body regulates this itself by going into deep sleep more quickly and staying in it longer the next night.

Written by Anna Hansen
1 month ago

Get Rid of Your Thoughts

People often complain about going to bed early but they find it very hard to sleep soon and end up staying awake till mid-night. When we are trying to sleep, we often forget that we want to sleep and go on with our thoughts and imaginations wherever it takes us.

Some people remember the good days and some start stressing over how the next day will be like. Either way, your mind will be roaming the labyrinth of unplanned thoughts. To avoid this, develop a habit of noticing where are you during the day.

Get Rid of Your Thoughts

When you will stop your mind from thinking and ask what you are doing during the day, you will be doing it during the night as well. When you are finally back to your bed mentally, close your eyes, and count or think of something that can help you sleep.

Written by Kenneth Mays
3 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Sleep Better?

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