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Acknowledge what you did wrong

One of the best ways to apologize is by explaining the error. You should acknowledge your mistake and explain your reason behind doing that. Also, ensure that you have understood your mistake and you will not repeat it. The reason behind this is offering “Sorry” without stating that you have understood that your words or actions were hurtful does not have an impact on the listener. 

Acknowledge what you did wrong

Stabilizing Fuel is a must

When winter is around the corner, boat owner should know it’s time to winterize their boat. This process prepares the boat from extreme cold and he engine lives a healthy life. It is essential to stabilize fuel after changing the engine oil and draining water from the engine. A high quality marine stabilizer should be used to prevent the fuel deterioration within 2 months of last change. Remember to use a fogging oil spray to protect the engines from metal corrosions.

Reward them

To motivate others to the fullest, you need to provide tangle evidence of your gratitude. Last year, my colleague was making an extra effort to sign an NBA player. Thus, I sent a handwritten note and a rose bouquet to motivate her.

There are many ways to motivate at a workplace, such as giving gift cards, public recognition, plaques, certificates, and even a promotion letter. Rewarding people help them understand that they have responsibilities on their shoulders and many people look up to them.

Let them know your expectations and that you expect nothing but success. 

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