Best Ways to Get a six pack


Increase protein intake

Consuming high-protein foods can promote weight loss, muscle growth, and combat belly fat- everything you need to get six-packs. High-protein foods suppress your hunger and keep you full for long hours. Studies report that high-protein foods control appetite by 27% in obese men.

As I train under a professional fitness trainer, I take protein after working out. This helps to repair and build muscle tissues. Moreover, it increases my metabolism rate and does not let me lose my muscle mass.

If you ask me, I take legumes, milk, eggs, meat, and poultry in controlled portions.

Written by Addie Watkins
1 year ago

Stay Hydrated

Water plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy. It is used to remove waste from our body and regulates body temperature. Other than that, it bumps up your metabolism rate, which helps to decrease belly fat. Thus, you get six packs easily.

One study shows that drinking 500 ml of water daily increases energy and metabolism rate by 24%. Moreover, it increases your weight loss and controls your appetite.

Water intake requirements vary on various factors such as your body weight, height, and age. Make sure you consult your dietician before starting your weight loss journey.

Written by Juan Sawyer
9 months ago

Try crunches

The only way to get a six pack is through hard work. You will need to exercise your abs enough that they protrude just past your torso, and get yourself to a low enough body fat percentage that they actually start to show.

Try doing crunches to build muscle specifically in your abdomen. Building the habit of doing 50 crunches per day is a great start, and once you get comfortable doing that, you can work your way up from there.

You can also do variations on your crunches. Try lying on your back while lifting your legs straight up into the air, then doing crunches in that position. Try lifting your knees up to meet your elbows to do bicycle crunches. Variations make the exercise more dynamic and helps to work different parts of your body.

Written by Miguel Roberson
4 months ago

Do cardio

Cardio exercises increase your heart rate and help you burn extra fat. Incorporating cardio in your daily routine might speed your way to get six-packs. When it comes to reducing belly fat, cardio helps a great deal. This ensures that your abdomen muscles are more visible and toned.

 A credible research study shows that doing cardio exercises 3 times a week decreases belly fat quickly as compared to yoga.

You can engage in one of your favorite sports and still do cardio, such as walking, running, swimming, etc. 

Do cardio

Written by Tony Perry
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Get a Six Pack?

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