Best Ways to Legally annoy your neighbor


Mow Your Lawn Early Morning

Sleeping or awake the noise of mowing a lawn can easily annoy anyone. If your neighbors wake up late, this is the best way to annoy them and wake them up. Make sure to mow your lawn really well. Use the leaf blower at full speed and don’t leave a single leaf lying on your lawn.

You can also do this when they have guests over. If you notice a different car parked in their driveway, it’s time to do the job.

Written by Elmer Morrow
2 years ago

Hang Wind Chimes Outside Your Windows

Hanging wind chimes on the windows can be a bit disturbing for you too. Make sure that you hang them outside the window so that if you need some peace you can close the window and annoy the neighbors. The more wind chimes the better. 

Hang Wind Chimes Outside Your Windows

Written by Roderick Leonard
3 months ago

Let Your Little One Play an Instrument During the Day

Letting your little one beat the drums or play guitar during the day will be extremely annoying for the neighbor. Ask your child to bring out all their creativity and express themselves through music. Tell them to practice in a room that is near the neighbor’s house. Put on headphones and go relax in a different room.

Let Your Little One Play an Instrument During the Day

Written by Wallace Mckinney
10 months ago

Throw Rubber Snakes and Roaches in their Backyard

Upon seeing a rubber snake in the yard or in front of the house, they might skip a heartbeat which is why you must do this. They might think that it was a kid from the neighborhood who did it and they won’t find out it was you. (if they don’t have a spy camera).

Even if they have a spy camera, you can find a way to do it. If you see their car parked on the street, place the rubber snake near the driver’s seat. You can also get creative and use fake bills or slime.

Written by Ricky Little
7 months ago

Create Smoke in your Lawn

On a windy summer night when they have their windows open, you can have a Bar-B-Q night. The smoke can annoy them and the smell of meat will definitely make them hungry. Either way, you win at annoying your neighbor. 

Written by Marty Day
2 months ago

Trash Can

A trash can lying in front of the house can be pretty annoying. Rot your food waste in a trash can and put it outside the house, probably near the neighbor’s window or door so that the smell annoys them. Keep it there for a few days, if your neighbor talks about it, tell them the garbage collector left it there and you had no idea.

Written by Cornelia Reed
6 months ago

Place a Telescope in Your Window

It is not necessary to spy using the telescope, but it’s important to let the neighbor know that you have a telescope. No one likes a neighbor to peep into their house every now and then. Having a telescope in the front balcony or window pointed at their house will make them uncomfortable which is exactly what you want to make them. You have the right to own a telescope and count starts. Right? 

Written by Cora Woodard
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Legally Annoy Your Neighbor?

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