Best Ways to Fold towels


Deep fold

Deep folded towel style is ideal for a narrow closet or shelf. For deep fold, follow the next steps:

-       Lay the towel on a flat surface and smooth the length of the towel with your hand.

-       On the short edge, fold one edge of the towel to the halfway mark.

-       Repeat the step on the other side.

-       The two long edges should meet in the middle.

-       Fold the towel in half such that its layers sit on top of each other.

-       Fold the ends of the towel towards the center with a little gap in the center to avoid any bulge.

-       Display the towel with the folded edge facing outward.

Deep fold

Written by Mindy Mcdonald
1 month ago

Do it like the hotels

Hotel staff folds towels such that they look clean when stacked and stored on open benches or shelves. To fold towels like that, follow these steps:

· Spread your towel out on the table or another flat surface. Fold one of the long ends towards the center of the towel, and do the same for the other side.

· Then, fold both the short ends towards the center, but ensure that you leave a gap at the point where these ends meet to allow room for just one more fold.

· For the final step, fold one end over the other. This will give you a smooth surface so you can store the towels neatly.

Do it like the hotels

Written by Pat Coleman
11 months ago

Spa-Style roll

Make your bath feel welcoming and luxurious as a five-star hotel. It is very easy to do a spa-style roll with towels.

-       Lay the hand towel on a flat surface.

-       From the length side, fold one corner to the center.

-       Now fold the towel in half lengthwise and then flip it.

-       Roll the towel tightly toward the pointed edge and tuck in the flap.

-       Display the towels in an attractive wooden bowl for the perfect look.

Written by Lindsey Mccoy
6 months ago

Fold Decoratively

Towels are folded decoratively in five-star hotels and cruises. It is actually easy to fold them. Here are the steps:

-       Take a long bath towel and place it on a flat surface.

-       Fold the edges of the towel to create a triangle. It is normal for the edges to not line up at the bottom because the towels are rectangular.

-       Now, roll the edges till they meet in the center. It should look like an arrow.

-       Fold the arrow point back to form a ‘2’ shape.

-       Squeeze the corners of the towels to set the curves.

-       Create another swan shape to have a matching set and place them face to face to make it look like a heart.

Written by Elmer Morrow
2 weeks ago

Fold towels to save space

One of the best ways to fold the towels such that it saves maximum space is by rolling them. Roll each towel and place it on top of each other in a triangle shape. You can easily store a large number of towels in limited storage space.

Written by Cornelia Reed
3 months ago


A tri-fold towel sits neat and tidy on the shelf. Here is how you can fold it.

-       Lay the towel on the flat surface with its tag facing up.

-       Fold a corner of the towel inside for two-third of the way. Fold across the short-side of the towel.

-       Use your hand to smooth down the length of the towel.

-       Repeat the same steps on the other side of the towel. But, only fold over the first third.

-       The towel should look long and skinny.

-       Now fold the towel in half.

-       Repeat the step.

-       Display the towel with the folded edge facing outward.


Written by Clara Jensen
3 years ago

Narrow fold

As the name suggests, narrow folds are perfect for tight spaces.

-       Lay the towel on the flat surface and fold in half along its length.

-       Align the short edges on top of each other.

-       Fold the hemmed edge to the two-thirds of the way to create a crease.

-       Fold the opposite edge over the hemmed edge.

-       Tada! Your towel is narrow folded.

Narrow fold

Written by Ernesto Sawyer
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Fold Towels?


Wrap towel

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