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Minimize the amount of shoes

Trust me on this one: you do not need that fourth pair of high heels for your trip. Shoes are most likely the most bulky item that you will be packing. There are only three types of shoes you will really need: a pair of sneakers, a more formal high heel, and a pair of cute, casual sandals. Everything else is just going to take space away from the things you actually need. Wear the sneakers on your flight and pack the other two pairs for later.

Dispute inconsistencies

You’d be surprised how often mistakes creep into credit reports. Or maybe it was a mistake on your lender’s part who reported your payment as late when in fact it was on time.

To fix your credit, you can always call up the lender and ask them to correct this mistake which is spoiling your credit. Dispute any inconsistencies that you notice so they don’t end up weighing your credit score down.

Neem oil

Neem oil is a must-try if you have bugs in the house. Neem trees repel insects and bugs of any kind. They kill over 200 species of insects, many of which try to break into your home. You can keep a neem tree at home, or spray neem oil to free your home from bugs. They will also keep the air in your home fresh and minty. 

Don’t touch your face

You’re probably not doing it since the pandemic started, but even once you’re vaccinated – keep your hands off your face if you want to prevent acne.

Don’t touch your face

Your hands pick up plenty of grime and bacteria as you go through your day. When you touch your face, these pore-clogging elements are transferred onto your face. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re never supposed to touch your face, but keep it to a minimum. 

Work on your diet

Brain functioning and fast reaction times are directly linked. It’s important to eat a diet that provides sufficient nourishment to your brain and spinal cord so you’re able to keep up your motor skills and reflexes. For example, consuming enough antioxidants can shield the brain against the negative impacts of stress and age which significantly contribute to cognitive decline.

You can obtain this nutrition by adding raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, and blackcurrants to your diet. Another important nutrient is Vitamin K, which is found in broccoli and directly improves the brain’s functioning. The relationship between caffeine and reaction time is also positive, but it’s best to keep your caffeine intake under control. 

Show Sincerity

If you want a girl to like and appreciate your sentiments, you have to explain to her what you feel. Tell her the way you feel straight up and explain why you feel that way. The devil is truly in the details, and you should capitalize on that. Show her how you feel, and she's much likely to agree to your proposal.

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