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Avoid the binge-purge cycle

One pattern of bulimia is binge-eating and purging later on either through exercising extensively or by vomiting. The painful pattern of exercising, vomiting, and using substances can sometimes be impossible to break. However, learning the triggers and recognizing the symptoms of this pattern can help you avoid it.

Keep eating in moderation and try working out regularly instead of purging or using substances to compensate for the empty calories. Stop the cycle of eat-purge-eat and get help from your treatment team.

Bake Often

Baking something in winter with the kitchen door open can help keep the house warm. Instead of cooking, try more baking recipes. Eat your meals in the kitchen if you have a spacious kitchen. Even if your house is tiny and the kitchen is right next to the living room, the heat from the oven will keep the space warm and smell lovely. Bake your bread and cakes. Additionally, hotcakes and bread taste so good in the winter season. 

Stick it in the microwave

Place the mac and cheese into a bowl (microwave-safe, of course) and add 1tbsp of milk for every cup of mac and cheese. Cover the bowl with an inverted plate. Don’t forget to put on your oven mitts so you don’t end up burning yourself. Place the bowl inside the microwave and let it heat on low for a minute. Then stir, and keep heating it for 30-second intervals until it reaches the preferred temperature. 

Stick it in the microwave

Trim the Budget Wherever Necessary

Budget cuts aren't necessarily a bad thing. A lot of folks tend to frown upon the concept of budget cuts and find it extremely derogatory to cut back on things they've always spent money on. A budget cut is only temporary and can easily be altered in the coming month. If you're facing issues in your budget, stop dining out so much, buy clothes from a cheaper store, cancel your Netflix subscriptions. These small cuts can go a long way in setting you back at the right pace.

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