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My fav stops from Eddystone to Jamestown

Going to Jamestown from Eddystone make sure to first visit Hampton for a small treat! After that visit Hallmark for a leg stretcher.

PA 19022
481 Suedberg Road, Pine Grove Township, PA 17963
Shiloh Road, Dale Summit, PA 16801-7307
The best route to Jamestown from Eddystone

To Beclabito from Midvale

While going from Midvale to Beclabito this is a good way: look in on Emery County Veterans Memorial, it is good.

See what you think!

UT 84047
Emery County Veterans Memorial
North 100 East, Castle Dale, UT 84513
The best route to Beclabito from Midvale

These were my stops to Gordon Landing from Lattingtown

Going to Gordon Landing from Lattingtown stop by Ross Mansion Gift Shop for some hit and run shopping.

Marlton Assembly of God
625 East Main Street, Pine Grove, NJ 08053
Ross Mansion Gift Shop
23669 Ross Station Road, Seaford, DE 19973
Gordon Landing
The best route to Gordon Landing from Lattingtown

Going to Newville with some some swimming added

Last time I went from Matawan this was my route.

Penn Sylvan Health Society Pool
Penn Sylvan Drive, Brecknock Township, PA
Trestle Bridge ruins
Klapperthal Trail, Lower Alsace Township, PA 19606
St. Paul Lutheran Church
850 Hill Church Road, Hershey, PA 17036
The best route to Newville from Matawan

These were my stops to Royse City from Joiner

When going to Royse City from Joiner I suggest you first stop at Wrightsville Recreational Center for a nice experience. Then stop at Sonic for a delicious meal!

Wrightsville Recreational Center
State Highway 365, Wrightsville, AR 72206
South Locust Street, Ashdown, AR 71822
Royse City
The best route to Royse City from Joiner

To Shrewsbury with a stop for some swimming

Going to Shrewsbury from Rittman this is a good way: first pay a visit to Horseman's Camp, it is good. After that visit Little Squirts for a swim in in the pool! Finally look in on Lakeview Hotel for the night.

OH 44270
Horseman's Camp
Horse Trail - Purple, Calcutta, OH 44441
Little Squirts
Wild Mouse Egress, Ligonier Township, PA
Lakeview Hotel
Path Valley Road, Metal Township, PA 17221
The best route to Shrewsbury from Rittman

Let me suggest this!

While driving to Williamstown from Woodland hit aranza hithop.

Go for it!

AL 36280
aranza hithop
White Oak Circle, Crossville, TN 593000
KY 41097
The best route to Williamstown from Woodland

To Levittown with a place worth some time added

If driving from Tannersville to Levittown I suggest first of all make a stop at Cliff House (Historical) for a night. Secondly stop at Birding Observation Platform, it is great! Finally visit Karl Bauer Horse Training Center for some horses!

Cliff House (Historical)
Lake Minnewaska Carriage Road (Red), Town of Rochester, NY
Birding Observation Platform
Liberty Loop Trail, Town of Warwick, NY 10988
Karl Bauer Horse Training Center
Elizabeth Avenue, Pequannock Township, NJ 07444
The best route to Levittown from Tannersville

Keep the communication alive with your loved ones

Depending on your friends and family for support at this time is the most important to keep you going. We are fortunate enough to call them or text them anytime we want.

For the first time in my life, I asked my best friend to run to the store and get me groceries. As much as it's good to be independent, we should learn to ask for help. Communicating with your loved ones helps you to manage your chores easily. Asking my best friend helped me realized that we all are in this together.

Get proper sleep

Sleep is very important in almost every aspect of your health, including weight. It is proven from studies that people who are unable to get enough sleep are most likely to gain more weight, including belly fat.

Get proper sleep

According to a study, women who slept for less than 5 hours daily gained more weight than those who slept 7 hours or more every night.

Excessive visceral fat is found to be a reason for the condition known as sleep apnea (breathing function of your body might stop irregularly during the night).

The way to Conway

When driving from Dry Ridge to Conway I suggest you first of all visit Rahall Company Store for good shopping. Next visit Calfee Park. It's great!

Dry Ridge
KY 41035-7516
Rahall Company Store
Ewart Avenue, Beckley, WV 25801
Calfee Park
Pierce Avenue, Pulaski, VA 24301
The best route to Conway from Dry Ridge

A good route to Coyle

Driving from Table Rock to Coyle first of all look in on Beecher Bible and Rifle Church. I liked it a lot. After that hit Pizza Hut for awesome food! After that pay a visit to Decommissioned Tank. It's a nice stop!

Happy driving.

Table Rock
NE 68447
Beecher Bible and Rifle Church
Elm Street, Wabaunsee, KS
Pizza Hut
North Main Street, El Dorado, KS 67042
Decommissioned Tank
West 3rd Street, Newkirk, OK 74647
The best route to Coyle from Table Rock

Going to Millerton with some some shopping added

Going to Millerton from Olmos Park first make a stop at Barton Creek Square Mall for some shopping. After that stop at Daddy for a cup or two! After that pay a visit to (28) Pony Rides for some horse back riding! Finally stop by Pizza Hut for a bite!

That's the one.

Olmos Park
Barton Creek Square Mall
2901 Tamarron Boulevard, Austin, TX 78746
4815 Buckskin Trail, Temple, TX 76502
(28) Pony Rides
Dry Creek Trail, Elm Mott, TX
Corsicana Supercharger
2035 Interstate 45 Frontage Road, Corsicana, TX 75109
Pizza Hut
1135 Mockingbird Lane, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
The best route to Millerton from Olmos Park

A nicer route from Saulsbury to Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - Cleveland

When going from Saulsbury to Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - Cleveland this is a good way.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - Cleveland
North Davis Avenue, Cleveland, MS 38732
The best route to Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - Cleveland from Saulsbury

To Larchwood with a stop for a coffee

Driving from Lucas to Larchwood this is a good way: first of all stop by Starbucks to have some snacks and something to drink. Finally make a stop at McDonald's to grab a bite!

101 South Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266
North 2nd Street, Cherokee, IA 51012
The best route to Larchwood from Lucas

From Tell City to Gaylesville with a stop for some shopping

If driving from Tell City to Gaylesville a way would be to first of all visit Price Less IGA for some shopping! Finally stop at Celtic Cup Coffeehouse for a caffeine boost.

Tell City
Price Less IGA
Madison Avenue, Franklin, KY 42134
Celtic Cup Coffeehouse
North Anderson Street, Tullahoma, TN 37388
The best route to Gaylesville from Tell City

These were my stops going to Ulen

Driving to Ulen from Shueyville I suggest you first of all stop by Flour House Bakery for a caffeine kick! Next make a stop at Country Market for picking up a few things.

Flour House Bakery
950 North Main Street, Princeton, IL 61356
Country Market
415 East 1st Street, Gibson City, IL 60936
The best route to Ulen from Shueyville

All the way to Hines

If driving from Missouri Valley to Hines first of all look in on Pizza Ranch to grab a bite! Finally hit Veterans' Memorial.

Missouri Valley
IA 51555
Pizza Ranch
1st Street Southeast, Primghar, IA 51245
Our Savior's Lutheran Church
400 1st Avenue, Sacred Heart, MN 56285
Veterans' Memorial
Main Street West, Clarissa, MN 56440
MN 56647
The best route to Hines from Missouri Valley

To Rockville with some shopping added

Driving to Rockville from Idylwood make sure to first make a stop at Giant Food Stores for shopping. Lastly hit Garret Mountain Equestrian Center. It's great!

VA 22027
Giant Food Stores
830 East Baltimore Pike, Kennett Township, PA 19348
Garret Mountain Equestrian Center
Yellow Trail, Woodland Park, NJ
CT 06066
The best route to Rockville from Idylwood

Avoid fast fashion

Buying a wardrobe-full of clothing with changing trends accumulates tons of items in landfills when discarded quickly after use. This increases methane production on account of decomposition. As of today, an annual 80 pound of clothing is discarded by an average American, of which as much as 85 percent finds its way into landfills.

Also, guess where this cheap clothing comes from? China! Shipping these cheap clothes also requires fossil fuels, which makes matters even worse. So, stick to quality clothing that lasts longer.

Avoid fast fashion

A nice way from Mashpee to Conesus

Ok!, Driving to Conesus from Mashpee make sure to visit HITS for some horses.

MA 02649
Mike Krout Road, Town of Saugerties, NY 12477
NY 14435
The best route to Conesus from Mashpee

To Jersey from Pennsboro

Going from Pennsboro to Jersey I suggest you make a stop at Scenic overlook, it is good.

WV 26415
Scenic overlook
Bellevue Street, Marietta, OH 45750
OH 43001:43062
The best route to Jersey from Pennsboro

A nice way to St. James from Cherry

If driving to St. James from Cherry first of all visit Amy's Hallmark for some hit and run shopping. Then stop by Willowbrook Mall for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

IL 61317
Amy's Hallmark
555 John F Kennedy Road, Dubuque, IA 52002
Willowbrook Mall
6th Street Southwest, Mason City, IA 50401
St. James
MN 56081
The best route to St. James from Cherry

Let me suggest this!

When going to Fuquay-Varina from Cornwall this is my preferred way: stop by Got To Have It Gifts for good shopping!

Got To Have It Gifts
Thompson Street, Ashland, VA 23005
NC 27526
The best route to Fuquay-Varina from Cornwall

Going to Shady Cove with a stop for some sporting

Driving from Clyde Hill to Shady Cove make sure to first hit Barre 3 to get that body going. Secondly stop at White lane Gift Shop for a leg stretcher and some shopping! Lastly hit Baskin-Robbins for some scoops of delightful ice cream.

Enjoy the ride!

Clyde Hill
Barre 3
Northwest 36th Avenue, Felida, WA 98685
White lane Gift Shop
20036 South White Lane, Oregon City, OR 97045
29911 Southwest Boones Ferry Road, Wilsonville, OR 97070
Shady Cove
OR 97539
The best route to Shady Cove from Clyde Hill

Why not this trip?

When driving from Clearview to Rumford first of all stop at The Curiosity Shop for some shopping! Next pay a visit to skyland for a pause.

Nice one.

The Curiosity Shop
Buffalo Street, Rowlesburg, WV 26425
connector trail, Skyland, VA
VA 23086
The best route to Rumford from Clearview

Use a neutral tone

Speak to your bully in an assertive tone without any emotion. It will communicate to the bully that you don’t intend to be victimized. The tone does not ask for an apology, neither does it challenge the bully. Challenging the bully only feeds their need for attention and the sense of power that they seek.

A nicer way from Tull to Butler

While going from Tull to Butler I suggest stop by Walmart Supercenter for some shopping.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

AR 72015
Walmart Supercenter
432 South George Nigh Expressway, McAlester, OK 74501
OK 73625
The best route to Butler from Tull

These were my stops going to Oakfield

When going to Oakfield from Wellesley I suggest you first visit Kettle Cove Creamery & Cafe for some scoops of delicious ice cream! Lastly make a stop at Ocean Lookout, it is worth it.

Kettle Cove Creamery & Cafe
2 Bowery Beach Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Ocean Lookout
Ridge Trail, Camden, ME 04843
ME 04763
The best route to Oakfield from Wellesley

My stops from Wilkesboro to Enfield

Going from Wilkesboro to Enfield this is my preferred way: first look in on J.P Looney's for a tasty meal. After that hit Ingleside Grocery for some shopping!

J.P Looney's
NC 68, Oak Ridge, NC 27357
Ingleside Grocery
3573 US 401;NC 39, Ingleside, NC 27549
The best route to Enfield from Wilkesboro

My fav stops going to Victor

Driving from Skiatook to Victor I suggest you hit Under the Awning Boutique for good shopping.

OK 74070
Under the Awning Boutique
121 East Lexington Avenue, Independence, MO 64050
The best route to Victor from Skiatook

To Franklin with a stay added

Ok!, Driving from Hickman to Franklin make sure to first pay a visit to Oak Tree Inn for a pause. Then stop by The CREW Center for great training! Next hit Accents for good shopping. Then visit Buffalo Viewing Platform for a leg stretcher with extras :).

Oak Tree Inn
Diers Parkway, Fremont, NE 68025
The CREW Center
Diamond Dr., Woodbine, IA 51579
North Main Avenue, Sioux Center, IA 51250
Buffalo Viewing Platform
161st Street, Rock County, MN
The best route to Franklin from Hickman

Don’t Get Seven- or Eight-Year Car Loan

It might look thrifty at first to get a seven years or longer car but do you know how dangerous it can be. The seven-year loans may charge a higher interest rate because from the investor’s perspective a long-term loan that they are giving you is riskier. You also pay higher interest in the first few years which means that most of the principal amount remains unpaid for a long time.

Engage with senses

The more people utilize the senses (touch, smell, taste, sight and hear), the better you engage with them. To build interest among your audience, you can show images of neglected animals, give them something to eat, play sad music and even give them a cuddle toy during your speech.

For a winning presentation, you have to combine the effects and do your best. To increase involvement, you can also ask questions and grab their attention. The only thing to be mindful of is to stay true and relevant to your topic. 

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