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Call a Friend

We all have a friend who is our personal comedian. Give your friend a call and talk about how things are going. Crack some jokes and by the end of the conversation, you will definitely feel much better. Reconnecting with an old friend is exciting and fun. Plan to get together and have fun later.

Call a Friend

Shutter Release Cable

A tripod does reduce most of the camera shake, but there will still be some shake from when you click the button to take the shot. You can either use a shutter release cable or get a wireless remote. If you don't have either, you could just use the timer on your camera.

Make extra payments the right way

There is no penalty for paying more than minimum or paying early when you have a student loan. But there is a caveat with prepayment. Student loan services that collect your bill, may charge the extra amount for the next month’s payment.

This advances your due date but it will not help in paying off the debt faster. Instead, try this method. Instruct your servicer to apply overpayments to your current balance, and ask them to keep next month’s due date as planned.

You can make an additional payment at any point in the month, or you can make a payment on the due date. Either way, you can save a lot of money.

Butter them up

This is an old trick, and people often figure this out if you’re not very careful with it.

Rather than aiming for direct complements while asking for favors like “Hey, that’s an amazing jacket. Could you help me move some furniture around this evening?”, try something like “Hey, I know you’re usually flexible, but would you have time to help me move around some furniture this evening?”

Stop Ghosting Them

You don’t have to be cruel to the person you want to dump, because there are ways to do it like grownups. If you want them to stop talking to you because they are abusive, toxic or you two don’t get along, find a good way to do it. Be pleasant even if it’s hard for you, but life is hard so you have to be a grownup and talk to them about it. It can be challenging and scary because you don’t know how they’ll react but what’s important to be done, needs to be done. 

Stop Ghosting Them

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