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A Good Quote

Who doesn’t get inspired by a great quote? Write an inspiring and interesting quote on your resume that is uncommon. Something like “I want to push myself to do things that are different and challenging so that when I look back at them one day, I can say that I tried everything”. Avoid using common quotes and instead create your own if you can, to describe your talents and your vision for the future.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great way to destinkify your shoes. It's a tried and tested method to not just get rid of bad odor but also add a nice scent to your shoes. All you need is a few tablespoons of baking soda, a coffee filter, and a rubber band to get the job done. Fill two coffee filters with baking soda and tie them up with the rubber band. You can also add a few essential oils for added scent. Place the small bags in the shoes overnight. This should absorb the moisture and get rid of most of the smell.

Build around your appliances

Plan the landing space near appliances. This space provides a spot to place the necessary items while cooking and preparing the ingredients. Make room in the countertop. It is ideal to keep at least 15 inches on each side of the stove or cooktop for the purpose. Keep some landing space beside the microwave as well, for appliances such as toaster and coffee pot.


Vinegar can desiccate plants and is the best natural solution for unwanted ivy. Pour the vinegar in a spray bottle and carefully spray it on the ivy only. The vinegar when applied to plants can dissolve the cell membranes and cause them to wilt. Wait a few days and see if the ivy is dying. You can spray it again in a few days to speed up the wilting process.

Stick to your diet plan

Ideally, plan for 3-4 meals a day and 2 snacks. Disperse these throughout the day and set specific times for them so you know when you’re supposed to have the next meal and can distract yourself if you feel the desire to binge at any other time during the day. When you’re set with this routine, you’ll find it much easier to not eat unless it’s time for your next meal.

Find Something You're Passionate About

Find Something You're Passionate AboutThe first step to writing a decent e-book is to find something you're passionate about. If you're a talented writer, you'll be able to write about anything. But, if you want to create a successful e-book and an e-book that people will like to read, you need to write something you're passionate about. The lack of passion will be visible in your e-book, and people will not appreciate your work.

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