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The Onion Router

Tor is an abbreviation of The Onion Router. It is a global decentralized anonymity network that encrypts your traffic and routes it through an arbitrary sequence of volunteer “nodes.”

The FREE open-source project efficiently conceals the location of a user and protects against those attempting network surveillance.

Take afternoon naps

Yes, afternoon naps are a straight-up boon!

Take afternoon naps

A 45-minute snooze in the afternoon helps relax your mind as well as muscles. Afternoon naps are a good way to have a sound sleep at night and also adds some weight to your body. In fact, napping in the afternoon is among the quickest way to put on weight without signing up for a gym membership.

Don't Shampoo Often

Shampooing your hair can strip away the hair’s natural layer of oil. To grow hair faster, avoid shampoo and wash your hair with water only. Wash them with shampoo every other day or once a week depending on the scalp’s oil or sebum production. Massage the scalp to improve the scalp’s blood flow while washing your hair.

If your hair begins to smell bad after skipping shampoo for a day, use a hair conditioner when washing or simply rub a few drops of your favorite essential oils in your hands and then apply them to your hair. Lavender essential oils can also help calm headaches.

Don't Shampoo Often

Use a box dye

A box dye, while frowned upon by the professionals, can be a cheap and effective way to spruce up your look if done correctly.

For best results, use a rattail comb (or any comb with a pointed end), a hair dye application brush, and some alligator clips.

Before you use the hair dye or any harsh chemical on your body, make sure to test a small patch of skin with the product to ensure you won't have an allergic reaction.

Once done, you can start dyeing your hair. Apply Vaseline to your forehead, neck, and ears, anywhere that dye might seep, to avoid dyeing your skin. Mix your dye as per the manufacturer's instructions and separate your hair into sections using the rattail comb, and securing with the alligator clips. Apply the dye to your hair using the brush, or gloved fingers, one section at a time, trying to get as little dye as possible on your scalp.

Let sit according to the manufacturer's directions and then rinse until the water runs clear. Follow with shampoo and conditioner.

Brush stains out

Stained shoes can be difficult to clean after the dirt has set in to the fabric. The best way to get stains out of your shoes is by using a toothbrush with stiff bristles. Dip your toothbrush into water and move it in circular motions on the stained part of your shoe. This will help loosen up the stain and hopefully clean it up. You can use this in conjunction with your preferred soap or stain remover.

Queens Gambit

One of the oldest and best openings for beginners is the queen’s gambit. It starts with the sacrifice of a pawn to gain the chessboard’s center. The white side moves the pawn standing in front of the queen to d4, the opponent would block the move by moving their pawn to e4 or place it in e3 to kill the pawn. The next white side’s move is the pawn in front of the king to d5.

The queen’s gambit can result in many opportunities for the white to capture major pieces of black but only if the opponent does not know how to counter-attack. If you are playing with a beginner or an intermediate chess player, queen’s gambit is a good way to open.

Use Cetaphil for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin and exfoliating irritates your skin, try Cetaphil scrub. It is recommended by most dermatologists and cleans your skin without itching or burning. It also helps with acne and pimples.

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