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Wax Nose Hair

Waxing can be very painful but it helps reduce hair growth because the hair comes out thinner every time. Make your own hair sticky hot wax at home or get it from the market. Heat up the wax to a temperature where it is entirely melted but is sticky and warm. You might burn yourself with hot wax therefore be careful when doing this. Dip an ice-cream stick in the wax and insert it inside your nostril. Twist it to the left and right to stick in the hair. Don’t push it forward. Leave it dry for a minute or two and then pull at once.

It is better to let a professional do this because they can ensure effective and safe waxing. Nose hair is important because they trap small insects, dirt, and germs and stop them from entering our lungs. However, if you have very long hair and they are noticeable, waxing is the best way to reduce hair growth.


Women like to talk about how their day went, what are their problems, and the goals they want to achieve. When she talks about all of it, she’s not seeking your opinions, solutions, or advice, she’s only letting you know what’s on her mind. John Gray in his famous book; “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus” pointed out that the biggest mistake that men make while communicating with a woman offers their advice and solutions to her problems. When she’s talking to you, she doesn’t want your opinion unless she asks for it. She wants you to be there are understand her, comforts her, and say; I’m here for you.


Do not go back to old eating habits

If you are on a weight-losing journey, your body must have changed, even if it does not show. If you have lost even a pound, it means that your tummy has shrunk. It means you need less food to keep you full. Listen to your body (tummy) and eat as much as you need. If you go back to your old eating habits (binge-eating), you will go two steps away from your goal weight.

Weight loss triggers the desire to overeat. The best way to suppress your desire is to eat in moderation. If you will deprive yourself of the food you crave, you will have frequent episodes. 

Leave Puzzle Notes

If you want to surprise your wife with something simple and interesting, leave her small notes that are a puzzle to a gift. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts for her, hide a dress or flowers somewhere in the house and let her search for it. You can also leave her a note to get ready by 7 to go on a date. Make sure your wife finds the note.

Do a practice spelling test

If you’re nervous about how you will perform on a spelling test, take a practice test to get your nerves out. This exercise will prepare you for what will happen on the real test day. It will also give you a good understanding of where you stand with your spelling list. It will show you which words you may need to study a bit more. Taking a practice test can also help boost your confidence. If you do well on the practice test, then you are ready to ace the real thing.

Implement SEO

Search engine optimization is a practice to align your website with Google’s search engine ranking algorithm. Google’s algorithm has evolved greatly and it uses user behavior and machine learning to produce a high-quality and accurate result for users. Thus, implementing SEO is a great way for Google to know that you have something valuable to offer to readers.

However, SEO does not work on one tactic. It is the name of collective tactics that work together to improve your search engine ranking.Implement SEO

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