Best Ways to Memorize spelling words


Do a practice spelling test

If you’re nervous about how you will perform on a spelling test, take a practice test to get your nerves out. This exercise will prepare you for what will happen on the real test day. It will also give you a good understanding of where you stand with your spelling list. It will show you which words you may need to study a bit more. Taking a practice test can also help boost your confidence. If you do well on the practice test, then you are ready to ace the real thing.

Written by Leo Cross
3 months ago

Use flashcards

Once you know your spelling words a little bit better, you can keep practicing them on your own by using flashcards. This time, break down each word and spell it out each time it comes up on your stack. With more practice, you will be able to spell each word without thinking about it. You can also ask a friend to use the flashcards to test you on them. This way, you can test which words you know by heart and which ones you only recognize by looking at them.

Written by Earl Griffin
3 months ago

Write and re-write

Studying your spelling words can be challenging when you don’t know the words at first. Your first task is building muscle memory with each of the words in your head. The best way to memorize words is to write them down multiple times. You should aim to write each word 10-15 times. To make the task more entertaining for younger children, you can have them write the words in different colors or with crazy letters.

Written by Daryl Jordan
7 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Memorize Spelling Words?

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