Best Ways to Get skinny


Eat less and exercise more

The goal is pretty simple- exercise more and consume fewer calories. 1-pound equals 3500 calories. It means you have to burn 3500 calories more than you consume to lose weight fast. I cut portion sizes to reduce my calorie intake. I also kept track of my calories by reading all the labels. Eating small snacks throughout the day improves your metabolism and prevents your body from storing fat.

To burn fat, I used to go biking, hiking, swimming, and running. These aerobics exercises and intense cardio workouts helped me to burn the calories faster.

Written by Pamela Torres
3 weeks ago

Go on a fruit/vegetable diet

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients. Fruits give your body the nourishment it needs. Moreover, they are low in calories so you do not have to keep track of calories too!

I used to eat lean proteins while I was on a fruit diet. I replaced rice and white bread with whole-grain and avoided sugary foods, alcohol, and refined carbs as much as I could. White bread, pasta, alcohol, and sugary foods have unhealthy fats that accelerate weight gain. The best way to get skinny is to eat low-calorie yet nutritious foods. Go on a fruit/vegetable diet

Written by Micheal Reynolds
1 year ago

Drink 12 glasses of water a day

One fact about us is that our body confuses thirst with hunger. You might be feeling thirsty but you will have the urge to eat. There are times when you are not actually hungry, even if you are craving food. If you crave food more often and do not drink 8 glasses of water, your body is dehydrated.

You should drink a minimum of 8 glasses per day. I drink 12 glasses to suppress hunger. Diet tonic water works great for me. Drink 12 glasses of water a day

Written by Traci Leach
2 months ago

Do not go back to old eating habits

If you are on a weight-losing journey, your body must have changed, even if it does not show. If you have lost even a pound, it means that your tummy has shrunk. It means you need less food to keep you full. Listen to your body (tummy) and eat as much as you need. If you go back to your old eating habits (binge-eating), you will go two steps away from your goal weight.

Weight loss triggers the desire to overeat. The best way to suppress your desire is to eat in moderation. If you will deprive yourself of the food you crave, you will have frequent episodes. 

Written by Leo Cross
12 months ago

Take all meals properly

Starving is not the key to get skinny. Your body stores extra fat in starvation mode. If you starve yourself to sleep, your metabolism will get weaker and weaker. Therefore, it is better to have 3 proper meals throughout the day than eat nothing. There are no restrictions on what you eat or not. You can have fruits in all 3 meals. But the key is to eat, even if it is a morsel.

 I keep trying healthy alternatives such as Greek yogurt, granola bars, hummus, and light-dressing salad.

Written by Ollie Martinez
7 months ago

Do not eat 4 hours before sleeping

Your muscle movement slows down while you sleep. Therefore, your metabolism rate decreases at night as well. If you have a habit of eating a bedtime snack, stop right away as it takes longer for your body to digest at night. Eat in the morning as your body is the most active then. The breakfast will provide the energy you need to go about your routine activities.

Whenever I crave chocolate at night, I resist it till the morning. After that, I take a piece or two with my breakfast and go about the day.Do not eat 4 hours before sleeping

Written by Brandy Swanson
1 week ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Get Skinny?

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