Best Ways to Remove nose hair


Electronic nose trimmers

Thank God for electronic nose trimmers, we don’t have to use the ghastly scissors anymore. Electronic nose trimmers are designed in such a way that they don’t poke or injure the skin on the inner side of your nose. Nose trimmers are easily available on Amazon and are much more convenient than the scissors with rounded tips that come with your grooming kit.

Written by Carolyn Mclaughlin
7 months ago

Use Tweezers/Pluckers

Pulling out hair from the root minimizes hair growth. Using tweezers to remove nose hair can be painful but you can significantly control the nose hair growth. Pull out hair at the opening of the nose only. Removing all of your nasal hair can put you at risk of inhaling dirt, germs, and small insects and developing lung diseases.

Written by Jerry Howard
2 months ago

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a treatment that permanently addresses the hassle of having to trim unwanted hair. However, laser treatment for nasal hair has been widely criticized on account of its adverse effects on the mucous membranes.

Also, the cost of laser treatments could be bank-breaking. The nose is a very small body cavity, and it’s rather tricky to treat it with lasers. So, only approach qualified surgeons at a professional facility to get your nasal hair removal laser treatment. 

Written by Amy Morrison
2 years ago

Cut Them with Scissors

Use a pair of small scissors to cut the hair that is visible. Be careful and slowly cut the hair because one wrong move and you might hurt the skin. Use round tip scissors to prevent cutting the skin.

Cut Them with Scissors

Written by Zachary May
1 year ago

Wax Nose Hair

Waxing can be very painful but it helps reduce hair growth because the hair comes out thinner every time. Make your own hair sticky hot wax at home or get it from the market. Heat up the wax to a temperature where it is entirely melted but is sticky and warm. You might burn yourself with hot wax therefore be careful when doing this. Dip an ice-cream stick in the wax and insert it inside your nostril. Twist it to the left and right to stick in the hair. Don’t push it forward. Leave it dry for a minute or two and then pull at once.

It is better to let a professional do this because they can ensure effective and safe waxing. Nose hair is important because they trap small insects, dirt, and germs and stop them from entering our lungs. However, if you have very long hair and they are noticeable, waxing is the best way to reduce hair growth.

Written by Leo Cross
2 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Remove Nose Hair?

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