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Listen to Music

Dopamine is the pleasure chemical in our brain which is released when we are happy. Good music can easily put you in a good mood. Listening to music makes you more energetic, and stimulates the brain to release dopamine. So, play a few of your favorite songs that can cheer you up and sing along for a dopamine rush. Dance to the beat, to double the fun!

Listen to Music

A nicer trip to Burley from Nyssa

While going from Nyssa to Burley hit AJ's Restaurant for a some great food!

Safe driving.

OR 97913
Eagle Christian Church
4601 South Surprise Way, Boise, ID 83716
AJ's Restaurant
Sun Valley Highway, Mountain Home, ID 83647
The best route to Burley from Nyssa

The way to Geronimo

If driving to Geronimo from Oak Valley this is a good way: visit Lowe's Market for a leg stretcher!

Oak Valley
Lowe's Market
South Evans Street, Boyd, TX 76023
OK 73543
The best route to Geronimo from Oak Valley

From Boardman to Flemingsburg

Driving to Flemingsburg from Boardman I suggest you first stop at KFC for a great dinner! Next make a stop at Burger King for a something to eat.

646 NC 24;NC 27;NC 73, Albemarle, NC 28001
Burger King
East Main Street, Jefferson, NC 28640
Electrify America
Clear Creek Road, Bristol, VA 24202
The best route to Flemingsburg from Boardman

A nicer way from LaFayette to Augusta

If going from LaFayette to Augusta I suggest first of all look in on The Ranch, it is a nice stop. Next hit Value Place Indianapolis Plainfield for a small treat!

KY 42254
The Ranch
Grubb Road, Monroe County, IN
Value Place Indianapolis Plainfield
Gateway Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168
Walk by Faith Community Church
515 South Chippewa Street, Roann, IN 46974
The best route to Augusta from LaFayette

Make your audience laugh

Humor can help you lighten the mood, and it’s integrally persuasive too. Laughter will help communicate that you’re accessible and will allow the audience to feel more engaged and comfortable with whatever you have to say.

Why not this trip?

Driving to Fincastle from Malaga first pay a visit to Overlook, it is a nice stop. Next visit Walmart Supercenter for picking up a few things! Finally stop at T. M. Cheeks Memorial Overlook. It's a nice stop!

OH 43757
WV 20, Dorrtown, WV 26288
Walmart Supercenter
369 Scott Fork Road, McNutt, WV 26601
T. M. Cheeks Memorial Overlook
Public Road 21/4, Burr, WV
VA 24090
The best route to Fincastle from Malaga

A nicer way to Browntown from Omro

Going to Browntown from Omro make sure to hit M-N-M's Coffee House for something handy to eat!

WI 54963
M-N-M's Coffee House
509 West Main Street, Waunakee, WI 53597
The best route to Browntown from Omro

To Hickory Grove with a stop for some shopping

If driving to Hickory Grove from Birch Run I suggest first visit Ravenna Foods for picking up a few things! After that make a stop at Golosi Gelato Cafe for some delicious ice cream.

Birch Run
Ravenna Foods
12444 Crockery Creek Drive, Ravenna, MI 49451
Golosi Gelato Cafe
162 East Wisconsin Avenue, Oconomowoc, WI 53066
Hickory Grove
The best route to Hickory Grove from Birch Run

My fav stops from Hardtner to New Summerfield

Driving from Hardtner to New Summerfield make sure to look in on Dougherty School Baseball Field (Abandoned). It's a nice stop.

KS 67057
Dougherty School Baseball Field (Abandoned)
North 2nd Avenue, Dougherty, OK
New Summerfield
TX 75780
The best route to New Summerfield from Hardtner

My stops going to Silver City

If going to Silver City from Montgomery this is my preferred way: first hit Earl K Long Memorial Grave for a nice experience! Secondly stop at ULM Schulze Dining Hall for some sodas. Then look in on Trinity Cheer Athletics to break some sweat!

Happy driving!

Earl K Long Memorial Grave
North Boundary Avenue, Winnfield, LA 71483
ULM Schulze Dining Hall
Northeast Drive, Monroe, LA 71209
Trinity Cheer Athletics
7595 United States Highway 165, Sterlington, LA 71203
Silver City
The best route to Silver City from Montgomery

A nicer trip from Howards Grove to Maple Rapids

Last time I went to Maple Rapids from Howards Grove this was the way I went.

Howards Grove
Silver Lake Whippy Dip
591 North 18th Avenue, Golden Township, MI 49436
East Colby Street, Whitehall, MI 49461
Sparta Variety
East Division Street, Sparta, MI 49345
Maple Rapids
The best route to Maple Rapids from Howards Grove

A good way to Masardis

When going from North Turner to Masardis stop by Barren Ledges!

A better route.

North Turner
ME 04266
Barren Ledges
Appalachian Trail, Piscataquis County, ME
ME 04759
The best route to Masardis from North Turner

A good way to Port Chester

If going to Port Chester from Gaines I suggest you hit Robinson Park, it is great.

PA 16921
Robinson Park
East Mountain, Scranton, PA
Port Chester
New York 10573, Westchester Avenue, Port Chester, NY 10573
The best route to Port Chester from Gaines

My fav stops going to Roan Mountain

Driving to Roan Mountain from Napoleon make sure to first look in on Gymnasium to get that body going! Then hit Lake White Club for a great lunch. After that make a stop at McKinnley Pool, it is a nice stop.

MI 49261
County Road 25 North, Jefferson Township, OH 43311
Lake White Club
Vallery Road, Riviera Park, OH 45690
McKinnley Pool
Findlay Street, Portsmouth, OH 41175
Roan Mountain
TN 37687
The best route to Roan Mountain from Napoleon

The best route to Farmersville

While going to Farmersville from Roman Forest first visit Bryan Aquatic Center for a swim in in the pool! Next look in on Athens Fitness Gym for training.

Happy driving.

Roman Forest
Bryan Aquatic Center
3101 Oak Ridge Drive, Bryan, TX 77802
Athens Fitness Gym
710 East Tyler Street, Athens, TX 75751
TX 75442
The best route to Farmersville from Roman Forest

From Medford Lakes to Navassa

Ok!, Driving to Navassa from Medford Lakes make sure to first of all look in on Academy Grove Historic District for a leg stretcher. Lastly stop at Windsor Recreation Park Tennis Court. It's good!

Medford Lakes
Academy Grove Historic District
Jim Moore Road, Upper Fairmount, MD 21867
Windsor Recreation Park Tennis Court
South Cherry Lane, Windsor, NC 27983
The best route to Navassa from Medford Lakes

My stops to Walnut Creek from Hindman

Going from Hindman to Walnut Creek make sure to visit Vade Mecum Pool!

Vade Mecum Pool
Pelican Pool Trail, Vade Mecum, NC 27053
Walnut Creek
The best route to Walnut Creek from Hindman

My stops from Ouray to Redmond

While driving to Redmond from Ouray this is my preferred way: first hit Gateway Canyons General Store for picking up a few things. Finally stop at San Rafael Reef View Area. It's a nice stop!

Gateway Canyons General Store
State Highway 141, Gateway, CO 81522
San Rafael Reef View Area
I 70;US 50, Emery County, UT
UT 84652
The best route to Redmond from Ouray

Mop the Floors Once a Month

If you really have to clean the laminated floor with water, mop them once a month. Squeeze out the water carefully from the mop and let the floor dry soon. Leaving the water on the floor for long can damage it, so don’t wash the floors or clean them with a drenched mop. Wring out as much excess water as you can from the mop. Use microfiber mops to make the cleaning easier.

Mop the Floors Once a Month

From Norwood to Greendale

While driving from Norwood to Greendale I suggest first visit sweetFrog for a cone of delightful ice cream! Secondly stop by Rfg Society to grab a bite. Finally make a stop at All Seasons Cafe to fill up some energy!

Winkler Mill Road, Wilkesboro, NC 28697
Rfg Society
West Russell Street, Elkhorn City, KY 41522
All Seasons Cafe
East Main Street, Morehead, KY 40351
The best route to Greendale from Norwood

Going to Knightsville with a stop for some training

When going to Knightsville from Elkhorn City I suggest you first stop at LA Fitness for a nice experience! Then look in on Clifty Inn for the night.

Elkhorn City
LA Fitness
Wellington Way, Lexington, KY 40513
Clifty Inn
1650 Clifty Hollow Road, Madison, IN 47250
IN 47857
The best route to Knightsville from Elkhorn City

A good way from Nezperce to Roy

If going to Roy from Nezperce first stop by Atkinson's Market for picking up a few things. Then make a stop at HWY 93 Express for great food!

Vote up if you like it.

Atkinson's Market
East Avenue, Ketchum, ID 83340
HWY 93 Express
20511 North Main Street, Carey, ID 83320
UT 84067
The best route to Roy from Nezperce

A good way from Minden City to Apple Creek

If going from Minden City to Apple Creek a way would be to stop at Taco Bell for a bite.

You might like it!

Minden City
Taco Bell
Wadhams Road, Wadhams, MI 48049
Old Colony Mennonite Church
22046 Essex-Kent Road, Leamington, ON N0P 2P0
Tesla Supercharger
Detroit Road, Sheffield, OH 44011
Apple Creek
The best route to Apple Creek from Minden City

These were my stops from Prospect to Hammonton

Driving to Hammonton from Prospect make sure to first visit Giant Eagle for shopping! Then hit Old Trolley Line Bridge.

PA 16052
Giant Eagle
Sophira Lane, Logan Township, PA 16602
Old Trolley Line Bridge
Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, Lancaster County, PA 17368
NJ 08037
The best route to Hammonton from Prospect

A nicer way to Granby from Hamburg

While driving to Granby from Hamburg I suggest you first of all look in on Nazareth Borough Park Pool. It's great. Then stop by Scenic Overlook - Spring Lake Vista, it is great! Third pay a visit to Practice Field. After that visit Planet Fitness for some sweat. Next stop at Norfolk Historic District, it is a nice stop.

PA 19526
Nazareth Borough Park Pool
Schoeneck Road, Nazareth, PA 18064
Scenic Overlook - Spring Lake Vista
Dove Island Road, Stillwater Township, NJ 07860
Practice Field
Jets Way, Florham Park, NJ 07940
Planet Fitness
22 Taconic State Parkway, Town of La Grange, NY 12540
Norfolk Historic District
Station Place, Norfolk, CT 06058
MA 01033
The best route to Granby from Hamburg

A nice way to Hundred

While driving to Hundred from Demarest first make a stop at Palmer Township Community Pool, it is great. Then look in on Starbucks for a bite! After that visit Kocher Equestrian Center, it is good. Finally hit Beam Rocks for a nice experience.

NJ 07627
Palmer Township Community Pool
3001 Farmersville Road, Palmer Township, PA 18045
Outlet Square, Hershey, PA 17033-1712
Kocher Equestrian Center
3951 West Whitehall Road, Piney Ridge, PA 16801
Beam Rocks
Lincoln Township, PA
The best route to Hundred from Demarest

Play a Memory Game

Look at a photograph or a scene in detail for 5 to 10 seconds. Try to remember it. Then turn the picture over and recreate the same picture or scene in your mind. Do this with as much detail as possible. Or, you can mentally list all the things you saw in the picture.

Play a Memory Game

Disinfect your House, Car, Keys and Phone

The coronavirus sticks with surfaces therefore it is essential to clean all kinds of surfaces that you touch in a day. Clean the electric switches, doorknobs, stair railings, and tabletops with bleach or any other cleaner that is effective against COVID-19.

The steering wheel, handles, dashboard, and car door can also have germs. It is important to clean them as well. Use a disinfectant spray in your car to clean the inside of your car.

Everyday items that you carry in your hands such as your wallet, keys, and the phone should also be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner to stay as gem free as possible. 

These were my stops to Berkeley Springs from Belmont

Ok!, Driving to Berkeley Springs from Belmont make sure to first of all visit Marion Square for getting yourself some small treats :-)! Then make a stop at Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory for good shopping.

Marion Square
Fairmont, WV 26554
Copper Kettle Popcorn Factory
20282 Garrett Highway, McHenry, MD 21550
Berkeley Springs
WV 25411
The best route to Berkeley Springs from Belmont

From Tecate to Willow Beach

Ok!, Driving from Tecate to Willow Beach make sure to first visit Equestrian parking. It's a nice stop! Then make a stop at Granite Pass Viewpoint for a great experience.

Happy driving.

Municipio de Tecate
Equestrian parking
Murray Canyon Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92264
Granite Pass Viewpoint
Kelbaker Road, San Bernardino, CA
Willow Beach
The best route to Willow Beach from Tecate

A nicer route to Enfield

Going to Enfield from Toughkenamon I suggest you first of all stop at Lake House Cafe for a cup of coffee and something to nibble on! After that visit Glass House Gift Shop for shopping.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

Lake House Cafe
White Deer Plaza, Sparta, NJ 07871
Glass House Gift Shop
Tanglewood Drive, Lenox, MA
The best route to Enfield from Toughkenamon

Place Card Holder Fold

Add an elegant touch to your table with this fold. Fold a square napkin into quarters to make a square. Put the napkin on a flat surface and keep the open corners facing you. Now fold each open corner, one at a time, and place each corner about one inch from the previous one.

Fold up the bottom edge of the napkin by about an inch to make a fold that will hold the place card. Turn the napkin over and fold into thirds by tucking one corner under the other to hold.

Turn the napkin over again and put the place card inside the fold.

Compliment Her Outfit

Girls always love being complimented, especially when it's by men that they're comfortable around. Compliment her hair, her outfit, her shoes; anything that you think she spent some time on in the morning. The smile on her face will be a sight to see right after you compliment her.

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