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Compliment Her Outfit

Girls always love being complimented, especially when it's by men that they're comfortable around. Compliment her hair, her outfit, her shoes; anything that you think she spent some time on in the morning. The smile on her face will be a sight to see right after you compliment her.

Make your audience laugh

Humor can help you lighten the mood, and it’s integrally persuasive too. Laughter will help communicate that you’re accessible and will allow the audience to feel more engaged and comfortable with whatever you have to say.

Listen to Music

Dopamine is the pleasure chemical in our brain which is released when we are happy. Good music can easily put you in a good mood. Listening to music makes you more energetic, and stimulates the brain to release dopamine. So, play a few of your favorite songs that can cheer you up and sing along for a dopamine rush. Dance to the beat, to double the fun!

Listen to Music

Disinfect your House, Car, Keys and Phone

The coronavirus sticks with surfaces therefore it is essential to clean all kinds of surfaces that you touch in a day. Clean the electric switches, doorknobs, stair railings, and tabletops with bleach or any other cleaner that is effective against COVID-19.

The steering wheel, handles, dashboard, and car door can also have germs. It is important to clean them as well. Use a disinfectant spray in your car to clean the inside of your car.

Everyday items that you carry in your hands such as your wallet, keys, and the phone should also be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner to stay as gem free as possible. 

Place Card Holder Fold

Add an elegant touch to your table with this fold. Fold a square napkin into quarters to make a square. Put the napkin on a flat surface and keep the open corners facing you. Now fold each open corner, one at a time, and place each corner about one inch from the previous one.

Fold up the bottom edge of the napkin by about an inch to make a fold that will hold the place card. Turn the napkin over and fold into thirds by tucking one corner under the other to hold.

Turn the napkin over again and put the place card inside the fold.

Mop the Floors Once a Month

If you really have to clean the laminated floor with water, mop them once a month. Squeeze out the water carefully from the mop and let the floor dry soon. Leaving the water on the floor for long can damage it, so don’t wash the floors or clean them with a drenched mop. Wring out as much excess water as you can from the mop. Use microfiber mops to make the cleaning easier.

Mop the Floors Once a Month

Play a Memory Game

Look at a photograph or a scene in detail for 5 to 10 seconds. Try to remember it. Then turn the picture over and recreate the same picture or scene in your mind. Do this with as much detail as possible. Or, you can mentally list all the things you saw in the picture.

Play a Memory Game

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