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Why not this trip?

While going from Townsend to Albemarle this is my preferred way: first of all stop by Pizza Mind to have some snacks and something to drink! Lastly make a stop at Chimney Rock Gold Rush for shopping.

Pizza Mind
Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28801
Chimney Rock Gold Rush
374 Main Street, Chimney Rock, NC 28720
NC 28001
The best route to Albemarle from Townsend

The way to Clifford

Driving to Clifford from Harvey make sure to first stop by Ingersoll Swimming Pool. It's a nice stop! Then stop at Aldi for great shopping.

Ingersoll Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Road, Fulton County, IL
North Dunlap Avenue, Savoy, IL 61874
IN 47226
The best route to Clifford from Harvey

Let me suggest this!

While driving to Lagrange from Pepper Pike I suggest first of all stop at Cafe Melissa for a cup or two. Next visit Stone Oak Country Club Swimming Pool! Finally visit Peddlers Alley for a leg stretcher!

Pepper Pike
Cafe Melissa
32950 Walker Road, Avon Lake, OH 44012
La Pointe United Methodist Church
7285 West Harbor Road, Salem Township, OH 43452
Stone Oak Country Club Swimming Pool
Rolling Hill Road, Crissey, OH 43528
Peddlers Alley
South 2nd Street, Waterville, OH 43566
The best route to Lagrange from Pepper Pike

My fav stops going to Elsberry

Going from Madison to Elsberry this is a good way: make a stop at Best Western for some food!

NE 68248
Best Western
South 39th Street, Bethany, MO 64424
The best route to Elsberry from Madison

Going to Parishville with some some shopping added

If going from Charlestown to Parishville a way would be to first hit The Party Store for a leg stretcher! After that hit Sugarbush Polo Club. It's great. Then visit Wanika Falls. I liked it a lot.

NH 03603
The Party Store
129 Strongs Avenue, Rutland City, VT 05701
Sugarbush Polo Club
926 Shelburne Hinesburg Road, Shelburne, VT 05482
Wanika Falls
Averyville, NY
The best route to Parishville from Charlestown

Invite a Friend

Often, we find ourselves longing to meet our friends and family because of our hectic schedules. When you feel like you could benefit from the company of a friend, ask them to come over or go to their place. Decide if you want to watch a movie while lying in bed with them if they are close and super casual or you would like to make some fancy lunch or dinner to spend the day.

Invite a Friend

Let me suggest this!

If going to Colt from Goddard I suggest stop at Walmart Supercenter for some hit and run shopping!

Walmart Supercenter
268 East Illinois Avenue, Cornatzar, OK 74301
The best route to Colt from Goddard

Why not this trip?

While driving from Daviston to Lawrenceville I suggest first pay a visit to waterfall, it is good! Next visit Jason's Deli for a some great food.

White Trail, Chestnut Log, GA 30122
Jason's Deli
Carmia Way, Atlanta, GA 30272
The best route to Lawrenceville from Daviston

These were my stops going to Frisco City

Driving to Frisco City from Fordsville make sure to first hit Hampton Inn Bellevue for the night! Then visit Anytime Fitness for some training.

Hampton Inn Bellevue
7815 Coley Davis Road, Nashville, TN 37221
Fellowship Baptist Church
Setter Avenue, Decatur, AL 35603
Anytime Fitness
Olive Street Southwest, Cullman, AL 35055
Frisco City
AL 36445
The best route to Frisco City from Fordsville

These were my stops to The Colony Golf & Bay Club from Newberry

While going from Newberry to The Colony Golf & Bay Club I suggest first pay a visit to Sugarmill Woods Community Pool for a cool off in the pool. Next make a stop at Milly's hot dogs for a caffeine kick! Finally hit Peachland Promenade for some shopping!

Other suggestions?

Sugarmill Woods Community Pool
Cypress Circle, Sugarmill Woods, FL 34446
Milly's hot dogs
South Collins Street, Brandon, FL 33563
Peachland Promenade
Peachland Boulevard, Port Charlotte, FL 33954
The Colony Golf & Bay Club
FL 34136
The best route to The Colony Golf & Bay Club from Newberry

A good trip from West Lafayette to Village of Raymond

Driving to Village of Raymond from West Lafayette I suggest you stop by McDonald's to have some snacks and something to drink!

West Lafayette
East Columbus Drive, East Chicago, IN 46312
Village of Raymond
WI 53126
The best route to Village of Raymond from West Lafayette

Going to Craig with a stop for some ice cream

While going to Craig from Spar City first visit Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream for some delightful ice cream! Next make a stop at Grave of Doc Holliday 1851-1887 for a leg stretcher.

Spar City
Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream
Elk Avenue, Crested Butte, CO 81224
Grave of Doc Holliday 1851-1887
Pioneer Cemetery Trail, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
CO 81625
The best route to Craig from Spar City

Let me suggest this!

If driving to Rosman from Nags Head this is my preferred way: stop at Ballentine Farms for some horses.

Other suggestions?

Nags Head
Sims Baptist Church
6753 Flat Rock Road, Stotts Crossroads, NC 27880
Ballentine Farms
6921 Sunset Lake Road, Five Points, NC 27526
The best route to Rosman from Nags Head

The best way to Royal Oak

If driving from Winfield to Royal Oak I suggest first stop at Cornerside Stables. It's a nice stop. Secondly make a stop at Sims Field, it is a nice stop! Lastly visit Big Hill, it is great.

TN 37892
Cornerside Stables
Tarr Road, Blacks Crossroads, KY 40361
Sims Field
Park Drive, Wilmington, OH 45177
Big Hill
Park Road #26, Oregon, OH 43618
Royal Oak
The best route to Royal Oak from Winfield

Let me suggest this!

If going from Yorktown to Weston I suggest you first of all hit Upper Valley Mall for picking up a few things. After that stop at Catalyst for a caffeine kick!

Upper Valley Mall
Upper Valley Pike, Lawrenceville, OH 45502
West Union Street, Athens, OH 45701
WV 26452
The best route to Weston from Yorktown

A nice way to Estelline

Going to Estelline from White City this is a nice way: first hit McDonald's to grab a bite. Then hit Country at Heart for good shopping!

White City
North Ll & G Avenue, Anthony, KS 67003
Country at Heart
West Main Street, Anthony, KS 67003
TX 79233
The best route to Estelline from White City

A good route to Union Center

Going from Roseville to Union Center I suggest stop by Splash pad for a nice experience!

Splash pad
54th Avenue North, Waite Park, MN 56387
Union Center
WI 53962
The best route to Union Center from Roseville

The best way to Lostine from Tacoma

When driving from Tacoma to Lostine this is a nice way.

Trout Lodge
27090 US 12, Rimrock, WA 98937
Pendleton Supercharger
Kusi Road, Mission, OR
The best route to Pendleton Supercharger from Tacoma

A nicer way from Bagley to Litchville

When going from Bagley to Litchville visit Larsons Food Center for good shopping.

Let me know what you think.

Larsons Food Center
Main Street, Hendricks, MN 56136
The best route to Litchville from Bagley

The best route from Northrop to Clarks

Going from Northrop to Clarks make sure to first make a stop at Bird House Cafe to have some snacks and something to drink! After that stop by Center Mall for some shopping. Next stop at Omaha Nation Swimming Pool. It's great. Then hit Core Essentials, it is great.

MN 56075
Bird House Cafe
Okoboji Avenue, Milford, IA 51351
Center Mall
2nd Street Northwest, Sioux Center, IA 51250
Omaha Nation Swimming Pool
453 Skunk Hollow Drive, Macy, NE 68039
Core Essentials
219 West 7th Street, Sioux City, IA 51101
The best route to Clarks from Northrop

To Twinsburg with a stop for something to eat

If going to Twinsburg from Town of Orwell first stop at Subway to grab a bite. Secondly make a stop at Hawk Watch for a leg stretcher with extras :)! Next visit Comfort Suites for some rest!

Town of Orwell
6090 State Highway 96, Farmington, NY 14425
Hawk Watch
1610 Welch Road, Java Village, NY 14083
Comfort Suites
1007 Marketplace Drive, Erie County, PA 16412
OH 44087
The best route to Twinsburg from Town of Orwell

A nicer route to Davis from Craig Beach

Driving to Davis from Craig Beach I suggest first hit Diamond Historic District, it is worth it. Then stop at South Park Stables for some horses! Finally hit Gift Shop and Concessions for good shopping!

There you go!

Craig Beach
Diamond Historic District
East 6th Street, East Liverpool, OH 43920
Mount Prospect Church
Main Street, Mount Pleasant Township, PA 15340
South Park Stables
1699 Stoltz Road, Bethel Park, PA 15129
Gift Shop and Concessions
Rattlesnake Trail, Tyrone, WV 26508-8079
The best route to Davis from Craig Beach

My stops going to Allerton

When going to Allerton from Bruno I suggest you first hit Lincoln Place Subdivision Field. Secondly visit Yankee Candle for great shopping! Third stop at Hy-Vee for a leg stretcher and some shopping. After that visit Thor MTB Trailhead, it is a nice stop!


Lincoln Place Subdivision Field
Sarpy County, NE
Yankee Candle
1751 Madison Avenue, Council Bluffs, IA 51503
1200 South 16th Street, Clarinda, IA 51632
Thor MTB Trailhead
Combs Road, Bellevue, NE 68005
IA 50008
The best route to Allerton from Bruno

A good way to Galena Park

While going to Galena Park from Orange Grove I suggest you first of all stop by Horse Rehab Facility for some horse back riding. Then visit Clubhouse for a lunch or dinner!

Nicer than just going straight!

Orange Grove
Horse Rehab Facility
US 77, Victoria County, TX
Cart Path, El Campo, TX 77437
Galena Park
TX 77547
The best route to Galena Park from Orange Grove

My fav stops to Niles from Conger

Going to Niles from Conger make sure to first look in on Calmar Municipal Pool for a leg stretcher and some pulse. Then hit Esther's European Imports for some shopping! After that stop at Grayslake Aquatics Center for some swimming!

Vote up if you like it!

MN 56020
Calmar Municipal Pool
Charles Street, Calmar, IA
Esther's European Imports
523 1st Street, New Glarus, WI 53574
Grayslake Aquatics Center
Bike/Walking Path, Grayslake, IL 60030
MI 49120
The best route to Niles from Conger

Rough Paper Sketch

When you are designing a house, the first sketch is a rough one that comes to your mind. Don’t worry about the measurements, scale, and size of the area. Simply draw what’s in your mind, onto a sheet of paper. The first sketch of your house does not have to be perfect. Jot down the small details of architecture, flooring, and tiling that are in your head.

When you are done writing and drawing what was in your mind, take another paper and use a scale. Consider 1 cm as 50 square feet and use it as your guideline. See if you can fit everything you want in the house. Once a basic sketch is ready, you can talk to the builder.

Wear the Right Gear

If you are wearing anything that might fall, get torn, or get dirty while riding, change it. If you have long hair, wear them in a braid and secure with a ponytail. Wear long boots that can fit into the saddle’s stirrup. If you are a beginner, wear a helmet. 

Wear the Right Gear

These were my stops from Zuni to Hanksville

When going from Zuni to Hanksville I suggest you first of all visit Holy Cross City for a great experience. Finally look in on Cedaredge Overlook!

CO 80221
Holy Cross City
Eagle County, CO
Cedaredge Overlook
State Highway 65, Grand Mesa, CO 81413
Tesla Supercharger
West Center Street, Moab, UT 84532
UT 84374
The best route to Hanksville from Zuni

A good way to Caseville from Armington

When driving from Armington to Caseville this is an alternative.

8235 Calumet Avenue, Munster, IN 46321
Diamond O Horse Ranch
Blue Trail, Blue Lake Township, MI
The best route to Caseville from Armington

Avoid Triggers

Quitting anything is extraordinarily difficult, and can be even more difficult when you're constantly surrounded by temptations.

If your friends are constantly meeting up at the bar, or your workplace social events are primarily alcohol-based, temptations can be almost impossible to get away from.

Try suggesting alternative, alcohol-free places where you and your friends can meet up. Taking a walk in the park or having a cup of coffee are good places to start.

Create an App

The need for apps that make our lives easier is enormous. Thousands of apps are created each month that solve problems for people like you and me. If you have an idea to create an app that helps people or solves a problem for them, you should talk to a programmer and start working on it. You can sell the app on the Play Store or Apple app store to make passive income without doing anything. 

Open a window or sit in front of a fan

There is a reason people with car sickness hang their head outside the window. Fresh air eases nausea and makes you not feel like throwing up. Try sitting in front of a fan or a window when you feel like throwing up. It will help.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are excellent for summer hydration, thanks to their water content clocking in at a whopping 90%. A mid-sized orange contains water equivalent to half a cup. So grab a tangy broiled grapefruit to shield yourself from an afternoon slump. 

Citrus Fruits

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