Best Ways to Not throw up


Open a window or sit in front of a fan

There is a reason people with car sickness hang their head outside the window. Fresh air eases nausea and makes you not feel like throwing up. Try sitting in front of a fan or a window when you feel like throwing up. It will help.

Written by Marjorie Hoffman
2 months ago

Turn to lemons

Lemon contains citric acid that helps with digestion and soothes your stomach. Try adding freshly squeezed lime water and sip throughout the day. The scent of lemons also helps with feeling better. Inhale lemon essential oil if you have, to suppress the feeling of throwing up.

Written by Moises West
2 years ago

Shift your focus

Sometimes the feeling of throwing up is only in the mind. Shift your focus to something else. Distract yourself by watching TV or reading a book. If it doesn’t help, do some light housework or play a game. If you are at work, do the work that you are procrastinating for days. Shifting your focus is one of the simplest ways to not throw up.

Written by Ernesto Charles
1 year ago

Sit up and avoid crunching the stomach

If your mom ever told you to sit straight after every meal, she was right. When you lie down and crunch your stomach, gastric juices may rise and increase feelings of nausea and discomfort. So, if you feel nauseous, sit straight. Elevate your upper body and move around as little as possible.

Written by Robin Walker
3 years ago

Avoid carbonated beverages

Many people believe that drinking carbonated drinks like ginger ale or cola helps with stomach problems, but the opposite is true. Carbonated beverages may cause bloating and worsen your acid reflux, which causes you to throw up. So, avoid such drinks when you are nauseous. 

Written by Glenda Meyer
2 years ago

Meditate or take deep breaths

When you take deep breaths or meditate you are telling your body to relax and it calms your mind. Breath in slowly through your nose, hold your breath for 3 seconds, and slowly exhale from your mouth. It will help you relax and not throw up.

Written by Nicholas Lewis
3 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Not Throw Up?

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