Best Ways to Quit drinking


Examine Your Relationship with Alcohol

When beginning to quit drinking, you will first want to start by examining your relationship with alcohol.

First figure out how much you actually drink in a week. This will help you to manage your expectations. If you drink two beers a day, it will be much easier to manage your alcohol intake than if you were drinking a twenty-four pack a day.

From there, figure out why it is you drink. Usually, people drink because there is something that they would are trying to avoid. Consider getting a professional to help you, and reaching out to friends or family, as the success rate of overcoming addiction is much higher when you have a strong support network.

Written by Williams Ruiz
1 year ago

Talk to People

There are tons of communities out there of people that were addicted to alcohol but have found a way to escape that ditch and live a sober life. If you're willing to let this habit go, talk to these people. Listen to their stories, share your own. You'll learn a lot from them and may just find the courage to abandon the consumption of alcohol.

Written by Carolina Massey
10 months ago

Think About Why You Drink

The first thing everyone willing to stop drinking should do is analyze the reasons why they want to consume alcohol. For most people, drinking is just a thing they do at parties. If you're one of them, leaving it should be pretty easy for you. However, if you're drinking to cope with a certain trauma or loss, you have to come to the realization that there may be healthier ways to dealing with these issues with more productivity. Then, the only thing that's left is to find that healthier way, which is easier said than done.

Written by Gracie Meyer
1 year ago

Avoid Triggers

Quitting anything is extraordinarily difficult, and can be even more difficult when you're constantly surrounded by temptations.

If your friends are constantly meeting up at the bar, or your workplace social events are primarily alcohol-based, temptations can be almost impossible to get away from.

Try suggesting alternative, alcohol-free places where you and your friends can meet up. Taking a walk in the park or having a cup of coffee are good places to start.

Written by Marjorie Hoffman
2 months ago

Practice self-care

There are a number of effective self-care strategies that you can learn online. The most popular self-care technique is meditation, but you can choose anything else that floats your boat. There are apps that act as self-care guides, too. Try to identify strategies that you believe will bring balance and mindfulness to your life.

Practice self-care

Breaking a long-term habit can feel daunting. Some days, your spirits may run high. While on some days, you might like caving in. It’s best to prepare beforehand for such instances. Sharing your thoughts with a friend or a coach is a good way to deal with the issue, but don’t underestimate what you yourself can do to remedy the situation. It’s important that you be kind to yourself during tough times, and have some self-care strategies at your disposal for when you need it.

Written by Ramona Terry
2 months ago

Focus on Your Health

As soon as you stop drinking, there are going to be a lot of sudden urges to drink. In a situation like this, taking care of your mind and body can go a long way. Even leaving alcohol is a huge step towards a healthier life. By continuing the efforts with the help of exercise, healthy food, better sleep, you'll be able to significantly boost your standards of living and are much likely to ignore a relapse in the future just for the sake of your well-being.

Written by Irma Holland
2 years ago

Replace alcohol with other enjoyable activities

Instead of grabbing a beer after a long day at work, consider spending some quality time with your family. If you have a hobby such as playing an instrument, painting, a sport – dedicate an hour or more of your time to pursuing them.

As you consistently incorporate these things in your life, you’ll notice how they’re gradually replacing alcohol. You’ll begin to see how large of a social life exists away from alcohol. Over time, you’ll be able to transition into an alcohol-free, fulfilling life. 

Written by Cameron Chase
6 months ago

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