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Things to Avoid

Most commonly, frizzy hair is a result of over shampooing and frequent use of heat to un-frizz them. To prevent frizzy hair, stop shampooing your hair every day. But, if you want to wash them daily, use conditioner instead of shampoo. Make a DIY hair mask at home or apply hair oil on weekends or before wash. Wash your hair when they are dirty, oily, and smell bad only. Do not brush them often as it might lock in static in your hair. You can also use hair serums and leave-in conditioners to defrizz and style them.

Take a nap

Okay, so this may seem counterintuitive. We have all had those moments when we closed our eyes for five minutes and woke up five hours later not knowing what year it was. However, taking a 15-20 minute nap can be really effective for getting rid of sleepiness. The only catch: you have to set an alarm and actually get up when it rings. No snoozing. If you can't nap, take 10 minutes just to close your eyes and sit quietly. Take a nap

Eat Right

Depression can make you either overeat or undereat. Follow a healthy eating plan and eat a nutrient-rich diet. There are no foods that are must-haves in depression. Eat the foods that you like to eat. If you like to eat pizza and other high-calorie foods, eat them in moderation.

Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and folic acids can help relieve stress. Such foods include fish, nuts and seeds, bananas, and spinach.

Eat Right

Review Your Credit Report

Your credit report is like the report card you received at school. It shows how well you've done in terms of borrowing and paying back. Each account (open or closed) you have had is included, along with any non-payment information.

Periodically review your credit report for any inaccuracies, especially those related to your payment history. If you don't recognize an account on your credit report, contact that creditor right away because it could be a sign of identity theft.

Funky Look

To give the room a funky and cozy look, arrange the pictures in the salon-style. The salon-style has only one rule, the distance between each picture should be the same from all sides (you can skip this rule if you want to).

The height, position, and size of the frames don’t matter. You might not want to ruin your wall, especially when you get bored easily, therefore it is recommended to use wall hooks for hanging pictures. The adhesive wall hooks can endure a weight of 1 to 5 kg easily.Funky Look

Pay Your Credit Card Bill on Time

Credit score falls when you miss payments or make late payments. Your credit score is majorly dependent on the payment history. To improve credit score, pay your credit card payments and other debt payments on time and don’t skip them. To avoid getting late, automate the process and let the credit card company deduct the outstanding balance from your bank account every month. 

End showers with a cold water rinse

Washing your hair with some cold water after showering boosts your hair-growing power. Cold water helps prevent moisture loss, heat damage, and snags by laying down your hair’s outer layer more smoothly. The rinse doesn’t need to be go on for long, a few seconds should do the trick. Cold showers might sound terrible during the winter, but it’s a small price to pay for longer hair, isn’t it?

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