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Go on a fruit/vegetable diet

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients. Fruits give your body the nourishment it needs. Moreover, they are low in calories so you do not have to keep track of calories too!

I used to eat lean proteins while I was on a fruit diet. I replaced rice and white bread with whole-grain and avoided sugary foods, alcohol, and refined carbs as much as I could. White bread, pasta, alcohol, and sugary foods have unhealthy fats that accelerate weight gain. The best way to get skinny is to eat low-calorie yet nutritious foods. Go on a fruit/vegetable diet

Map the Company you are Targeting

Let’s assume you have a lead, a company that might work want to work with your company. To improve communication, you go to LinkedIn and search for the employees of this company. Understanding this company’s management structure and getting to know the people who work at the company can increase your chances of closing the deal. Connecting with the employees who are in decision-making positions will not only get an internal view of the company but also influence the employee’s decision if you maintain a good professional relationship. 

Add Moisture to the Air

A humidifier can be your best friend to beat cold. A dry room can be very unpleasant when you have flu. If you don’t have a humidifier try to have steam in your room or take steam from a steamer. It is good for opening up the congested air passage and releases the sinus pressure. 

Tease is the New Flirt

Teasing is probably your number one way of getting to know your crush. It's pretty much a harmless way of flirting that both parties will enjoy. It even works on both genders too. However, it's also important to know what you’re teasing your crush about. If it's something inappropriate or offensive, you’re going to do more harm than good. There’s a fine line between playful and hurtful. Make sure you’re on the right side of it.

Offer personal development opportunities for your employees

Yes, there might be many projects that everyone at the workplace will want to engage in. Unfortunately, it can’t happen as you are restricted by rules. If you often have a hard time choosing the right candidates to do a job, try recognizing their talents, interests, and experiences.

If a hardworking employee from your workplace needs to develop professional skills or want to explore a new side, consider sponsoring his education class. You can also send him to a relevant conference or seminar.

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