Best Ways to Prospect on linkedin


Stellar Profile

Having a stellar profile on LinkedIn means that when someone visits you, you give them all the basic and necessary information about you and your business that they need. If you are a founder of a financial consultancy firm and you prospect on LinkedIn, then your prospects will like to know more about you. Most customers are making buying decisions on the internet which means that whether a person buys your service is something dependent on how much information they can find about your product or service. Writing a good About on LinkedIn will be your first attempt at educating your prospects that will help you generate high-quality leads who might make a buying decision at some point. 

Written by Stephanie Collins
9 months ago

Map the Company you are Targeting

Let’s assume you have a lead, a company that might work want to work with your company. To improve communication, you go to LinkedIn and search for the employees of this company. Understanding this company’s management structure and getting to know the people who work at the company can increase your chances of closing the deal. Connecting with the employees who are in decision-making positions will not only get an internal view of the company but also influence the employee’s decision if you maintain a good professional relationship. 

Written by Micheal Reynolds
7 months ago

Send a Message

When you make a new contact, send an interesting message to your connection that is not upfront directed at selling them something. Ask them what they are doing and what are their interests in an interesting and non-creepy way. LinkedIn is all about making connections that help you in your professional life. So, talk to your connections and build professional relationships with them that might help you turn them into a prospect later. Be genuine and don’t be pushy when prospecting on LinkedIn. The goal is to make them reach out to you by portraying how good you are at what you do if you provide a service and how amazing your product is if you are selling a product.

Written by Marshall Wright
2 weeks ago

Add Your family and friends

The first- and second-degree connections on LinkedIn are very important. Let’s say you are a tax expert. Your friend’s friend who is in need of a tax expert gets introduced to you by the mutual friend, finds your profile, or reads an article you’ve written and contacts you. This is how you generate a high-quality lead by making second-degree connections on LinkedIn.

Written by Annie Jensen
3 years ago

Make More Connections

Connections and networking are everything on LinkedIn especially if your business is highly dependent on prospecting. You are competing for a limited number of clients who need your services. Making and keeping connections on LinkedIn will create more chances of generating higher sales. So, add your doctor, your neighbor, and anyone who might need your services. These people have several other connections (which we call second-degree connections on LinkedIn) who might want to buy your product or service.

Make More Connections

Written by Lois Craig
11 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Prospect on Linkedin?

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